It's First Time Week on BTR, and we're celebrating it in style with Sew & Tell's first ever knitwear designer! Carlo Volpi is an award-winning, up-and-coming young knitter whose first collection for men, titled "Lipstick Stab Wounds," is colorful, challenging, and playfully & masterfully executed. Combining pop art references with sports and comic heros, Carlo's designs recall both sculpture and graffiti, introducing punk to its newest platform: the sweater. On today's show, Carlo will talk about how he started knitting, what inspires him to create his unique designs, the genius of Missoni, and some of his upcoming projects. Plus, a subtly holiday-ish themed playlist, with tracks from Sleigh Bells, Wise Blood, Mimicking Birds, Purse Snatchers, and a brand new, beautiful, heartbreaking Christmas song from Damien Jurado. So turn up the volume, pour yourself some egg nog, and join me for a conversation with Sew & Tell's first knitwear guest!
theuntzandtheindie offer a track from the London duo Maribou State.
This London-based indie rocker left medical school to pursue his utmost passion in the arts.
Three Trapped Tigers make instrumental rock cool, beautiful and jam-worthy.
With the drama of the London Summer Olympics in full swing and winning performances from superstar athletes such as swimmer Michael Phelps and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, we asked people to share their favorite Olympic moments and other thoughts on the number one sporting event in the world.
Happy Fashion Friday! On this week's Sew & Tell, I had the honor of chatting with Penelope Sacorafou of the London-based company Fox & Squirrel. Fox & Squirrel offers a variety of cultural lifestyle walks - tours that take you around London to some of its best fashion, art, and vintage spots. On today's show, Penelope will talk about how she and co-founder Jojo Provatidou met and started Fox & Squirrel, some of her favorite independent designers in today's London fashion industry, what "sustainable style" truly means and how they incorporate consumer education into their walks, and potentially detrimental impact that the Olympics could have on local London culture. Plus, new music from a host of great BTR artists, including Dent May, Glen Hansard, The Tallest Man On Earth, The Temper Trap and more. So stick around, and learn how to shop like an Anglophile!
The debate over London's 2012 Olympic Games.
Guest Chef DJRePete is making a mess on the BTR Cooking Show, whipping up a traditional British dessert in his adopted home of London: Topless Mince Pies. Tune in for the recipe and an all-UK themed soundtrack with artists hailing from or singing about ye old United Kingdom, including The Kabeedies, Passenger, and Theophilus London. Plus, preview the UK festival season with news from The Apple Cart Music Festival featuring Noah & The Whale. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your musical appetite today on the BTR Cooking Show with DJRePete!
Now in its 11th year, the Affordable Art Fair brought new and emerging art to New York City that even the most cash-strapped art lover can enjoy. The four-day event — which travels around the world to cities like London, Singapore and Brussels — aims to demystify the art-buying experience by presenting it as welcoming, fun, and most importantly: economical. BreakThruTV attended the affair and spoke to artists about their work.
Designer clothes you can throw in the machine. Sound absurd? Not at all! This week's Sew & Tell guest is a savvy young designer who recently struck out on her own to prove that dreams really can come true. Tamar Daniel is an Israeli-born, London-bred entrepreneur, designer, mother, friend, and style icon. Armed with impeccable taste and a background working for Top Shop and Anthropologie, Tamar set out this year to launch TMRDNL, her eponymous line of fashionable, well-tailored classics with a leg up on the competition: these gorgeous garments are DIY-laundry-friendly. Not only that, but they're built for movement, and ready to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of today's woman, all while ensuring elegance. How is this possible? Stay tuned to find out, as Tamar discusses childhood inspirations, fabrics, multi-cultural style infusions, and more! Plus, some great throw-back classic rock sounds on the show today, with tracks from Crocodiles, Pond, Little Barrie and more. So ditch your dry-clean-only blouse and come learn how to be a practicalista!
Though it’s been a few years since their last album, London-based Little Barrie are back with a new and improved lineup. Featuring guitarist and vocalist Barrie Cadogan, bassist Lewis Wharton and drummer Virgil Howe (who also happens to be the son of Yes guitarist Steve Howe), the trio fuses garage rock and 60s funk. Their gritty, yet soulful music packs the kind of spunky swagger that calls to mind classic rock n’ roll and recent acts like The Strokes and The White Stripes. Featured song: “Tip It Over”
BTR catches up with US Olympic Medalist Meb Keflezighi. The marathon runner has once again qualified for the Summer Olympics and we're finding out what makes him tick.