Toronto rock band Dinosaur Bones play music that features seriously great lyrics, skillful electric guitar and a full, polished sound that will leave you wanting more.
We know you’ve been missing Peggy Sue, so we’re here to deliver you more. Catch outtakes of Peggy Sue’s folky sound that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!
It’s our week of encores and we’re back with Reggie Watts. Listen to the Brooklyn musician and comedian perform “Goldie Fox” and “Just A Game,” original tracks recorded just for BreakThru Radio.
We know you wanted more. Here’s the outtakes from our Live Studio session with Levek. Listen to the band talk about how they transformed from a solo act to tacking on six members, along with snippets of more of their great music.
Catch more great moments from our Live Studio session with Bluegrass act Hot Day at the Zoo, including their live renditions of “South of the Storm,” “Country Girl” and “Stay a Little Longer.” The band also explains why if you ever catch them fighting amongst themselves, it’s not cause for concern.