THE HIPSHAKES - I love The Hipshakes, and I'm so excited to bring you this super exciting live in the studio set by them! We'd not seen each other for many years, after recording a few great sessions and a lost classic LP together in Old School Studios in days of yore. Tonight's the night though! Whooooooo!
SPIRES - There was a real edge in Spires' performance the night we recorded this show at The Grand Victory in Brooklyn. It really translates to the energy of the recording, and I know you're gonna dig it. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
KING BLOOD - It's another storming session this week from another storming Norwich based band of cheeky youngsters! Oh boy! Conor, my glamorous assistant recorded them, and did as sterling a job as usual. Go and check King Blood live if you get the chance. Yes, that includes you!
SECRET FROM RICHARD - It's another storming session this week from another storming Norwich based band of cheeky youngsters! Oh boy! Conor, my glamorous assistant, has been recommending Secret From Richard for a while now, so I said "you go girl!", and Conor booked them, and recorded them, and here is the result!
PREDAWN - This week's live set is a psych-rock masterpiece in my humble opinion. If you like your sike loud and instense, then tonight's show will be right up your alley my friend. But please, do wear earplugs if you're at all concerned about preserving your hearing, as there's some serious cymbal and wah-wah action going on.
DAVID CRONIN - This week we have another lovely live set that the sexy Iain Lowery recorded at his bi-weekly O.S.T night at Norwich's Cinema City. This one is a little different to his usual OST fare, in that instead of an acoustic based act, it's all electronic. David can be seen busking, electronically, around Norwich City Centre apparently, although I've not seen him personally, so it's possible that Iain is lying to me. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
RAD FRU - Hey fans, it's time to listen to some Rad Mu, by Rad Fru, LIVE, at Old Schu Stu. They're a rockin' drums and guitar duo, with loads of energy, and having been recommended them by a bunch of people, I just HAD to get them into the studio for a session. I trust you'll like. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
TRUE ADVENTURES - Hey, let's all have a true adventure, right here, right now! Oh, you're all a bit busy? Well, never mind. Hows about we just listen to a soothing set of songs by a band whose name just so happens to be True Adventures? Yeah, that worked out quite well.. . Just the way we like it.
ENDERBY'S ROOM - Today the show comes to you LIVE, from Iain Lowery's OST night, at Cinema City in Norwich. We have a set for you from Enderby's Room, who are from that lovely town of London, where the streets are paved with filth. Just the way we like it. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE WASH - Tonight is for fans of psych, prog, avante guarde, and other fantastic genres like that. The Wash is made up of David on guitar (who also drums in various bands), Shane (who is in Bavarian Rocket Groop), on keyboard & piano, and James Mason (no, not that one) also on guitar. Oh, and for one time only, there's a special handsome guest on bass, and a little bit of drums.. Stop it, I'm blushing.
HAPPY COLOURED MARBLES - I heard this band for the first time recently, and liked them, just about the same time that my glamorous assistant Conor said that he was going to be bringing them into the studio for a session. So, that worked out well! I've already played their stuff on the Planet Beet show, and now they're on "Live @ Old School Studios". They're taking over!!
ANYTHING MAN - Regular listeners to the show will know that we have semi-regular parties at the studio, where we invite only the loveliest of people, who come along, watch the bands, have fun, and some of them jam afterwards, randomly making up songs, well into the early hours. Well, this band includes four of those people (Justina, Bromley, Andy & Joe), as they'll be semi-improvising some songs for you now, along with Mic on drums. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
WOLF PARTY - Well, after a few false starts we finally managed to coordinate our schedules and get Wolf Party to travel over from sunny Essex to do a session. It's energetic, positive, and noisy. Just the way we like it!
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