The Daily Beat’s Year in Review featuring your new host Lisa Autz.
The Daily Beat is a daily news podcast inspired by the power of social media to spark social change. Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. as BTR’s social media director, DJ Jen, culls the “Twitterverse” and “blogosphere” to bring you the top stories regarding social justice and human rights issues.
Part 1 of the Daily Beat’s Year in Review featuring your new host Lisa Autz
Holiday Week – Services like StearClear make sure both your car and you get home in one piece.
We interview Jordan Krietz about Stearclear, an app that can shuttle intoxicated people and their cars home, and talk with fantasy football expert Liz Loza
Holiday Week – BTR shares the gifts we want this season.
This week we interview Ben London about bringing mom-and-pop candies online, and speak with biomechanics specialist Camilla Pandolfi about jellyfish barges
Winter Week – One Kickstarter hopes to bring your favorite mom-and-pop goodies online.
This week we talk with Lauren Singer, a woman who leads a zero-waste lifestyle, along with Princeton professor Eldar Shafir about why scarcity is a mental construct
Scarcity Week – It’s increasingly difficult to be an independent storeowner during the holiday season.
This week, it’s the last week of Deerhoof’s “La Isla Bonita” as Album Of The Month (or is it…?), and we have some classic Robert Wyatt tracks from his days in Soft Machine & Matching Mole. Also, a bunch of other great tracks from the likes of The Love Me Nots and Ty Segall (& His Erotic Beagle?).
Should you delete convenience from your life in protest of the company’s unsavory moral decisions?
Comedy Week – Researchers discover America’s funniest cities while devising a theory to explain our humor.
Stuffed Week – While you’re enjoying feasts on food and family here, consider it out there.
We spend the hour getting inside the largest physical security convention in the northeast.
Makeshift Week – How to makeshift a public space into an open debate.
A Tibetan artist seeks to visualize his nation’s nomadic history through acrylic collage.
Obstacle Week – America’s first nonprofit supermarket continues its attempt to combat food insecurity.
How the FBI ensnares people in terrorism cases with charges of lying, and Piers Morgan and Andrew Sullivan are feeling delightfully entitled.
BEST INTENTIONS – Well, we’ve got a fun set for you today, with Norwich’s “Best Intentions” perking the place up with their punk pop type stuff. Conor and I were stage-diving off of the mixing desk, onto the lovely couch in the control room. It’s OK, we’ll get the mixing desk repaired before next week’s session, so don’t worry about that.
Cyber Week – New UK law punishes people who share nude photos or videos for revenge purposes.
The famous Mexican-folk tradition commemorates the dead in NYC.
Unexpected Week – A growing trend of women in the funeral business transforms the industry and the stereotypes.
BTR checks out the fall foliage in the New York area.
The Pentagon covered up numerous instances of US soldiers being exposed to old chemical weapons in Iraq, Apple and Facebook will freeze your eggs, and listener mail.
Discussing the Yes Mean Yes law in California, Jill Abramson regrets her stance on not pushing to publish James Risen’s Iran reporting, and listener mail.
Future Week – Emerging AI technology prompts the question: Can robots have a soul?
Cooking Week – Brooklyn’s Taste Talks event serves up a feast of flavors and discussions.
Emotion Week – Is the emotionally impacting, out-of-body experience real or a hallucinatory hoax?
Binge Week – The stereotyping that still exists around eating disorders in an era of unprecedented excess.
Trending Week – A separate entrance for lower income residence at a Manhattan apartment building sparks controversy.
Hero Week – Our refined taste in unknown, unacknowledged, or underrepresented heroes.
The Washington Post debunks claims Campbell Brown made on the Colbert Report, and Andrew Sullivan’s readers weigh in on giving trophies to children.
THE HOWTOCUREDYSLEXIA BAND – I really enjoyed meeting and spending some time in the company of David, and his songs. I hope that you feel the same way after today’s show. There are a LOT of solo acoustic songy singwriters in the Norwich area, but there’s something special about David. These songs bear repeated listening; so I’m going to listen to them again now, for the 15th time.
This week, Jason & Iain manage to somehow stay alive for the whole of the show, and even get an exciting job offer. Listen out to find out who from.. Also listen out, for items such as Album Of The Month (Camille Davila), and Classic Album (Stars Of Aviation). Plus new singles by Claws & Gospel. It’s a One-Word-Band-Name Special!
BTR investigates the process of gaining iconic fame in our digital age.
Wow! What a cracking show we’ve prepared for you today. There’s some more stuff from Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens’ new LP, some songs about babies, some more space themed stuff, and Jason and the good doctor stretch their impersonation skills, to the max. Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you?
BTR checks out the summer happenings of NYC’s favorite not-so central park.
Anna Lekas Miller on Israel’s assault on Gaza, a Virginia prosecutor wants to photograph a seventeen year boy’s genitals genitals, and listener mail.
Harvard psychologists find that practicing “detective skills” may help people become better negotiators and peacemakers.
Wow! It really is a packed full of jam show today for ya laydees and gentlebens. .Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you? How will it all turn out??? Let’s do a radio and see!
In a male-centric industry such as film, how are female protagonists breaking conventions?
Fifty different Brooklyn venues host the likes of Nite Jewel and Beirut at this year’s Northside Festival.
Climate changes such as desertification have eroded the land of the Middle East and Africa for decades, playing a role in migration and violence.
Some of the benefits of polyamory (including more sex along with deeper communication).
3D printing technology can create 2,500 square foot homes in 24 hours.
A New York Times book review offers a staggeringly simplistic view of leaks and whistleblowers, an update on Javier Payne, and a Gothamist reporter is kicked out of the 9/11 Museum after asking a single question.
The 501-day sling shot mission to Mars will involve reusable waste in order to sustain life and block harmful radiation.
GrubHub uses unique strategies to connect diners and restaurants while combating heavy competition.
New York City students take part in a global project to create the largest evolutionary tree of mankind.
Wow! This week’s show find our lads confusing Betty White with Betty Davis, not once but twice! They’ll also be playing some sterling music by the likes of Wanda Jackson, Little Mell, and Ava Luna.
Using solar energy to ensure sustainable fresh water in California.
THE BIG ALABAMA – I heard this band a while back on local radio, and was impressed. The next day, without prompting, my glamorous assistant Conor told me that he had offered them a session. How’s that for synchonicity! So here they are, The Big Alabama, recorded by Conor, at the studio that they like to call old school.
For decades, housing cooperatives in NYC have helped sustain a greater quality of life for many.
Psychological studies investigate whether personality traits are genetically set for life.
In an age of information abundance, is quality being buried at the expense of internet junk?
Put on those dancing shoes, friends!
The best of the best on BTR this week!
Put on your dancing shoes for Revolver! It’s time for your indie dance mix on BTR!
An MIT scientist developed a meditation-based program clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
Let’s listen to some of the best music on BTR, shall we?
Kickstarter campaign to help film a West African pursue his dream of opera.
Wow! What an amazing show it was last week, for our big 50th Anniversary Special! How can we possibly hope to reach those dizzying heights for this, the 51st show? Well, the truth is, we can’t.. But are we going to let that stop us? Probably not. Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you? How will it all turn out??? Let’s do a radio and see!
Time for the ladies to take the stage!
BEN C WINN & BIRDS OF HELL – This week we bring you the first two bands from the four band bill that played our most recent Old School Studios Private Party, at, erm, Old School Studios. This one was fantastic, and possibly the busiest party so far. Both Ben and Pete (ie Birds Of Hell) are both in Sargasso Trio, which is about as good an assurance of quality as you can get, but if you want convincing, use your ears to listen to the show right now. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!