Following the recent profile of Lil Nas X in The New York Times Magazine, MJ Knefel comments on the pop star's impact on the visibility and celebration of queer people beyond the realm of heteronormativity. MJ and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: "Awake” by Tycho
This week, Nikkie speaks with queer singer/songwriter Giulia. about her new EP, ‘Night Before,’ as well as how her various creative paths inform each other and how those and her identity influence her music. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
This episode marks the end of the first year of this podcast’s run, so we thought we’d go back to a format we used for the very first episode, with J. McVay talking to Nikkie about the show itself. They discuss some of the memorable moments on the show, what it’s become vs. how it started, and also look ahead to the future. Plus, of course, some music… by Anjimile, Mel Fine, Mackenzie Shivers, Billy Dean Thomas, Sci-Fi, and Blxck Cxsper, all of whom are discussed in the episode. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Organizers of this year’s Pride events in New York City recently announced that uniformed police officers will be banned, sparking reactions from various media outlets. MJ Knefel rejects the New York Times’ stance that cops should be welcomed at Pride festivities citing law enforcements’ historically brutal treatment of people in the LGBTQIA community and the spirit of Pride as a protest.
Katie Kuffel is a singer-songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. Her album, ‘Alligator,’ came out in March of this year. She spoke with Nikkie about its production during the pandemic, the stories behind the songs, and her experience as a queer artist. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
An Only Child is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His album, ‘Prepare The Body,’ came out in December and was played enough on BTRtoday programming that he was named Top Artist of the Week on March 19th of this year. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
A propulsive, scorching modern gothic, ‘Yes, Daddy’ follows an ambitious young man who is lured by an older, successful playwright into a dizzying world of wealth and an idyllic Hamptons home where things take a nightmarish turn.
Mel Fine is a non-binary singer/songwriter based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their single “In Between,” which served as their coming out announcement, was released in January. [youtubelg][/youtubelg] This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
The Queer Songbook Orchestra is a 13-piece chamber pop ensemble based in Toronto that focuses on surfacing queer narratives in pop music. They released “Medicine for Melancholy” with Bonjay in November of last year. Nikkiesha spoke with Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, a poet in the group in mid-January. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
Delilia Black is a queer Haitian musician and performance artist originally from Port Au Prince, but now based in London. While hopping among genres, the music could be called Alt-Americana or as Delila puts it: “Electro-Mountain, Country-Noire, Punk-Country, Afro-Billy, Roots-Rodeo-Rocknroll.” This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.