The Queer Ghost Hunters created a ghost-hunting group that reaches out directly to departed LGBTQ souls! BTRtoday talks to producer/director Stud Maddux about it.
Chef Rossi grew up “orthodox light” (her family kept the meat and dairy dishes separate but ate McDonalds’ fish sandwiches). A rebellious daughter, she was shipped off from her Hungarian Yiddish family to live with a chasidic rabbi in Brooklyn. Feeling restless, Rossi broke free from religious and familial constraints to create a life of her own. What began as a revolt against the microwave turned into a quest to make food that is fearless, fun and, most importantly, delicious. The book features anecdotes from a life of food plus recipes- ranging from pizza bagels to tuna tartare - to close each section. This tasty memoir shows us how Chef Rossi found a way to pay tribute to her roots while staying true to herself.
If a kid wants to dress in a way that reads as another gender, how does a parent approach that? BTRtoday investigates!
Lately, we hear more and more about how our Founding Fathers were all Christian, God-fearing men and how America is a Christian country. But, was it intended to be? According to Rev. Sarah Carpenter’s findings, the answer is no.
Advocates for sex-positivity are revolutionizing education to foster a more open, inclusive dialogue among youth communities.