00:00 The Folk Wave 00:24 What Do You Do – Tim Buckley 03:15 Rabbit – Matt Duke 06:02 Down to the Sea – Ed Laurie 09:36 Blackberry Stone – Laura Marling 12:12 A New Binding – Tara Jane O’Neil 15:42 Davis Square – Mount Moriah 19:22 Un – Adan & Xavi 21:55 Rabbit – Lily & Madeleine 24:56 The Folk Wave 25:10 Whispering Light – Jesca Hoop 29:49 Black Dream – Aidan Knight 32:44 Blue Mountains – Jenn Grant 35:53 Back Broke – Swell Season 39:49 Flower Faces – Old Canes 43:33 The Folk Wave 44:19 The Dream – Shannon Stephens 49:05 Amnesia & Me – Owen 52:39 Pariah – Natureboy 56:04 Chinatown/For the Record – Joel Plaskett Emergency 58:50 The Folk Wave 59:03 Finish
Well, it finally got freezing cold in New York City, and I am really missing August right about now. But don’t worry- we’ve got an entire hot hot hot playlist to warm things up for you today. And it’s a real mix too- everyone from Charles Bradley to Oneohtrix Point Never. And don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
Happy 2016!! I hope that everyone had a fantastic New Year’s! And I also hope that you’re ready for some seriously excellent tuneage today. I’m finishing off my Best of 2015 with the first half of last year. And don’t worry- we’ll definitely have a ton of brand new music for you next week. Don’t forget to kick the year off right by following BTR on Facebook!