The Tablets is the music of Liz Godoy, whose background growing up as a dancer in Mexico and her time in the band The Fearsome Sparrow inspired her to work on music that is solely hers. Speckled with hints of Sixties pop, shoegaze, new wave, and lo-fi indie rock, her music is meticulously arranged (along with co-producer/bandmate Brenden Beu) and can happen live in any form from a duo up to seven musicians, varying from show to show.
Bobby Long is originally from England, but left the open mics of London and has been living in New York City for long enough now that its influence has seeped into his life and music. It’s no accident, as this young songwriter studied American folk music and followed the voices of his heroes Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, and Elliott Smith to the streets of their homeland — even using the late Smith’s guitar amp in recording his album. Here, we find him playing solo in a park, accompanied only by his faithful dog.