Winter Week – One Kickstarter hopes to bring your favorite mom-and-pop goodies online.
Scarcity Week – Computer games from the ‘90s with female protagonists are making a comeback.
Makeshift Week – Makeshift Society is a haven for the creative freelancer.
Makeshift Week – covers everything from homemade aircrafts in Nigeria to the efforts of Chinese hackers to evade their great firewall.
With dog obesity at an all-time high, owners are now sending their husky companions to fat camps.
Happy 4th of July! I hope you are all relaxing somewhere with hotdogs, watermelon and fireworks today, enjoying a day off to play in the summer sun. I’m honored to present an interview this week with the founder/editor of a new project I’m very excited about: a sustainable fashion publication called Sumzine. Jamie Ortega launched the magazine earlier this year, as a conversation-changer in the world of traditional fashion media. It’s a welcome, refreshingly sophisticated bi-annual publication that offers interviews, op-eds, and photo spreads that highlight the work being done to better the industry from the inside. On today’s show, Jamie will talk about the experiences and ideas that led her to launch Sumzine, why she chose to produce a print product in the digital age, the challenges and costs of producing and distributing an independent publication, Sumzine’s Kickstarter campaign, some of her hopes and plans for the future of the magazine, and more. Plus, all new music today! A wide variety of styles and artists in the mix, including songs from Swiss-Ghanian duo OY, Midwestern trio Secret Cities, nomadic Australian troubadour Stu Larsen, former Walkmen bassist/organist Peter Matthew Bauer’s new solo project, and more. So join us now and celebrate your independence with some indie fashion & music, here on BreakThru Radio!
Who says crowdsourcers don’t know how to have fun?
On this week’s Sew & Tell, I speak with the co-founder of the hottest new fashion start-up around: NailSnaps. NailSnaps is an app that allows you to design custom manicure sets using your own personal photos, and when word got out about its Kickstarter campaign, the fashion community was universally smitten. Join me for a conversation with NailSnaps co-founder Angel Anderson, who talks about how she got the initial idea for this brilliant concept, how she and Sarah Heering have developed the design platform, the countless creative possibilities that NailSnaps offer, the benefits and challenges of using Kickstarter for a fashion start-up, and more. Plus, a great playlist chock-full of new music including the latest from folk artists S. Carey and William Fitzsimmons, garage/psych rockers Burnt Ones and Dry Heeves, and the new supergroup Sisyphus. So tune in, grab a nail file, and get ready for the manicure revolution!
No one said start-ups are easy. Here are some tips, tricks, and online resources to help take the edge off.
A year has passed since fans pledged over $5.7 million to see a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie.
Kickstarter campaign to help film a West African pursue his dream of opera.