Friends from Kentucky who have successfully turned their social chemistry and mutual artistic interests into an off-kilter garage rock band.
Music’s ultimate renaissance men make excellent barometers for how music creation has changed over the centuries.
Now that the finger -length disc drives are less expensive to produce, will retailers and DIY musicians invest en masse?
Taking a look at 20-something entrepreneurs in NYC and Daniel Mustard talks about his days as a homeless musician.
Introducing Vermont’s acoustic bluegrass trio, Jatoba! Also, new tunes from The Vegabonds who just launched a Kickstarter to make their third album.
America’s favorite breakfast meat has induced a flavor craze.
Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara join us to discuss the upcoming film Barista, which they just successfully funded through Kickstarter.
How Brooklyn is becoming a leading location for a variety of hydroponic projects.
How Chris Schoeck and a new documentary are trying to revitalize the Olde Time Strongman tradition.
It’s Travel Week on BTR, and on today’s special encore Sew & Tell, we’re featuring an accessory line that will transport you with exotic prints. Katie Wright-Buckley and Megan Pflug launched CAIRO, their line of hand-painted, one-of-a-kind silk scarves, this past fall, and buzz is already building about these beautiful accent pieces. The designs offer aesthetic allusions to disco, Ancient Egyptian culture, and menswear tailoring, blending unlikely sources to create perfectly feminine fashion. On today’s show, Katie and Megan talk about how CAIRO got started, their use of Kickstarter to raise funds, and their unique vision for the line as an art studio that offers specialty fashion pieces. Plus, great tunes from Bon Iver, Pepper Rabbit, Peter Wolf Crier, and Male Bonding! Take flight to new summer adventures with good style and good radio… (Original air date 8/26/11)
How the Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer rocks social media.
BTR talks to the creators of a new e-paper watch funded through a record-setting $10 million Kickstarter campaign.
Channeling Queen, Of Montreal, and the Fiery Furnaces, multi-instrumentalist Bryan Scary makes psychedelic-pop that’s overflowing with dramatic, whimsical and swooping hooks. The inventive and somewhat oddball Brooklyn musician created Daffy’s Elixir — a new, double disc conceptual album set entirely in the wild, wild west — thanks in part to a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $16,000. Featured song: “Ballroom Kid”
Photographer Thilde Jensen’s story starts rather typically. She moved to New York City in 1997 to pursue a career as a photographer, and for while things were going pretty well. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts, fell in love, got married and was getting editorial work with Newsweek and other Magazines. Then, something very strange happened: she started getting sick. “I started to just not feel totally right,” she says. “I would have fevers in the summer… and I would get sore throats, and have constant sinus infections.”
The man behind the avowedly postmodern web series, “Everything is a Remix”.