Originally a minimalist noise pop duo, Bleeding Rainbow (formerly Reading Rainbow) are now a 4-piece rock band, capable of a fully trippy, fuzzed-out sonic assault. The Philadelphia band wears its 90s subculture inspiration proudly on its vintage t-shirt sleeve, evoking appropriately fuzzy shades of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tengo, and more. The band sat down with Maia to chat about being caught stealing, how they got the crazy effects (intentional or otherwise) for a music video, and why it didn't take a lawsuit to get them to change their name.
Beach Day come from a surreal place they call Hollyweird, Florida (actually Hollywood, but the nickname seems to fit). The retro aesthetic of their hometown seems to have left quite an impression on the trio, whose music embodies the same sort of sunny pop as girl groups of the 50's and 60's. Capturing as much of their live vibe in the studio as possible -- both on their records and in this session -- the band proves that, though their surroundings and inspiration may seem frozen in time, their music is very much alive.
Kanine records co-founder, Lio Kanine, shares his thoughts on branding indie music in the age of file sharing.
Though they’re from Brooklyn, Country Mice’s psychedelia-meets-Americana makes them sound like they could be from the bluesy South or rootsy Midwest. Frontman Jason Rueger (who is actually originally from a little Kansas town called Beattie) is joined by guitarist Ben Bullington, bassist Mike Feldman and drummer Kurt Kuehn, and, together, the quartet’s blend of twangy folk and howling lo-fi make for a charming and compelling alt-country vibe.