For those experiencing anything but holiday cheer, here are some simple tips to beat the holiday blues, save money, and save face.
Here’s an update for those concerned with the bitter battle of the holiday cups. This story is already getting far more attention than it deserves, (which, realistically, is probably none) but here is some more for good measure.
Lara Aknin, professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University whose research focuses on generosity, money and happiness.
We hear from Peter Stearns, a professor at George Mason University who researches the historical culture of happiness.
Today's podcast looks at the science, history and attributes to happiness.
Dr. Lyubomirsky speaks with us about her research on developing a science of human happiness.
Happiness Week – How do we stay happy? BTR staffers spell out the strategies we use in our daily lives, including painting nails, hiking the forest pats, finding neighborhood cats, or translating our feelings of felicity into words.