The BioRing is a forthcoming fitness tracker designed to monitor everything from sleep quality to calorie intake, all from your finger.
The athletic exercise training program CrossFit emerged in the earlier 2000s and experienced an enormous boon in popularity, but it certainly has its physical downsides.
Desalination of ocean water may soon be a key facet of human survival. Italian think tank PNAT’s response is the Jellyfish Barge: self-sustaining cultivation systems that look like giant jellies.
BTRtoday speaks with Benjamin Friedman of the Cato Institute about whether the United States’ hyper-interventionist foreign policy is sustainable in the long term.
Combining the exercises and stretching of yoga, Pilates, and ballet, barre classes are growing in popularity.
Oil spills are slow-churning environmental disasters, but unless they’re enormous, the media is nowhere to be found.
Campaign canvassing that aims to reduce voter prejudices toward transgender individuals appears to be working through conversation.
Emilio D’Alessandro served as a personal assistant to film icon Stanley Kubrick for more than 30 years. BTRtoday takes a special look into what the world-renowned director was really like, and some of the most important lessons he imparted to his best friend.
BTRtoday speaks with Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor about ReAnima, a groundbreaking trial which aims to reanimate the brains of the dead.
Third party presidential candidates are as old as elections themselves, but the money and organization required to run an effective campaign make it almost impossible to compete.
London fitness club 1Rebel is rolling out a new program of high intensity spin classes on commuter buses.
BTRtoday speaks with Dr. David Hodson, co-author of a study regarding the effects of anti-diabetic medication activated by blue or ultraviolet light, potentially making drug treatment more efficient.
Professional cycling is well known for its blood doping participants, but a recent discovery of tiny bicycle motors revisits questions of how far athletes will go for an advantage.
With America’s growing obesity problem, the lack of physical education in schools is disconcerting.
Zooniverse is a citizen science portal that harnesses the powers of the Internet and the human brain to help scientists tackle mountains of data that would otherwise take them decades.
BTRtoday speaks with synthetic biologist Lisa Nip about the possibilities of using the powers of microbes to improve the human body’s durability in deep space.