Artist and Oregon State Professor Julie Green paints death-row inmates' last meals (or their requested last meals) on ceramic plates. She plans to continue the project, 'The Last Supper,' until the death penalty is abolished.
Photographer and choreographer Mickael Jou is taking 365 professional self-portraits around the world. "I want to feel like I'm flying away and magical," Jou tells BTR. "This is my world; the thing about photography is that everyone has their own world."
Class Week - It was just last November that Latonya Suggs, a 28-year-old mother, pleaded her case in a public hearing about a problem in the American education system. Suggs professed to the Department of Education's Undersecretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary her issues with Corinthian Colleges Inc.
Adventure Week - A new study suggests that introverts prefer mountains but extroverts prefer open spaces.
Secret Week - A new study shows that employees with better emotional perception of others get paid more.
Texas' Carla J. Clay is rising as an Austin artist who sells work on her website.