Kleenex Girl Wonder is the chameleon-esque stage name of one Graham Smith, a songwriter from the suburbs of Chicago who's been calling New York City his home for some time now. Beginning with a group of neighborhood friends and evolving into a shifting cast of players, KGW is a sort of indie rock institution, constantly experimenting while staying true to its time-tested formula. The current band features Smith on bass and vocals, Thayer McClanahan on guitar, and Matt LeMay on drums.
CitiBike has officially launched in New York City. Meanwhile, New York is one of twenty-nine states in the U.S. with either no or limited laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets and some discussion has arisen about whether the city should implement its own mandatory helmet law for cyclists. Requiring helmets, however, may hamper efforts to promote cycling, some research shows. It it believed that the mandatory helmet law in Melbourne may be to blame for that city's failed bike share program. Elsewhere, Tel Aviv and Mexico City, hoping to spur greater ridership with bike sharing, recently repealed their own helmet laws. With bike travel now possible for thousands more tourists and residents, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asks people in New York -- including new CitiBike users -- their views on bike safety and helmet use, which is encouraged in NYC, but not mandatory.