Infrastructure, the filibuster, Joe Manchin, and a new Dem PAC to push back on progressives. Karen Gillan plays an assassin. Plus music by Nova One and Black Nash.
Tester's words Wednesday show there's a little room to move for moderate Democrats, at least rhetorically.
The West Virginia Senator is taking the heat for fellow moderate Dems skeptical about protecting voting rights.
Saying she wants to "protect the democracy of our nation" is a heaping pile of rhetorical bullshit.
The Arizona Senator has no interest in listening to workers, but she's all ears for big business.
Biden's openness to filibuster reform is a good sign for progressives and acknowledges their impact on the administration.
The new CDC guidelines say that vaccinated people can be together indoors, and a stimulus bill round-up including the highs and lows of the Democratic Party. Krysten Sinema Photo courtesy of The United States Senate - The Office of Krysten Sinema via Wikimedia Commons
Workers relying on UI should end up with more money over time—still, the question begs: Why can't we demand more?
The West Virginia senator isn't some moderating force. He's an impediment to progress.