Yeah, we were critical of Joe Biden all year, but we're holding out hope that he comes around. Just a little, anyway.
Although headlines were less prominent regarding the war in Afghanistan during the Trump administration, the policies set in place have led to many more civilian deaths than in previous years. John Knefel calls on Joe Biden to progress peace talks with the goal of bringing U.S. Troops home as soon as possible.
Our favorite stories about the Vermont senator and presidential candidate who made a huge impact this year.
As the inauguration of Joe Biden approaches, John Knefel comments on the President-Elect’s cabinet choices.
Reactionary politics cut both ways and are getting dumber by the day.
John Knefel describes the narrative being pushed by the conservative media now that it is no longer possible to claim that Donald Trump is the rightful victor in the 2020 presidential election.
The head of Operation Warp Speed said that most Americans could be vaccinated by May, and we get to Modern Monetary Theory. photo courtesy of Garry Knight via Wikimedia Commons
Biden announces some top cabinet positions. Stories about learning and growing. And music from Dolly Valentine.
Don’t want to bicker on Turkey Day? Here are some easy ways to nip dumb arguments in the bud.
NYC schools have closed after the city reaches its 3% positivity threshold, and what we know about Biden's cabinet. Joe Biden Visits Kosovo photo courtesy of David Lienemann via Wikimedia Commons
Mediocre dad rock is hardly Tony Blinken’s biggest red flag
What’s the point of “saving” American democracy if you’re not willing to protect its fundamental values?
Democrats plan to help a small percentage of private loan borrowers won’t make a big enough impact.
The president’s election denials are growing more pathetic by the day.
We'd like to welcome the first-ever rescue dog Major, to the White House and his veteran White House pup Champ.
In the wake of the 2020 election season, John Knefel comments on centrist Democrats’ public disdain for Leftist policies and what that means for the Biden Administration.
It's our second post election show and our first one with results. Joe Biden won! We'll talk about the wild week that just passed, and what might be to come in the next 2 months. Also, there's good news from Pfizer about their COVID vaccine! Photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons
How are you supposed to find common ground with people who won’t accept the results of an election?
The votes are still being counted, but some results are certain and others are likely. Plus music from Sam Burton and Ganga Lee.
Election Day—er, week—is stressful. These memes helped make it a little more bearable.
It's our Day After the Election show. We still don't know what happened, but we do know that it was not a good night for Biden, the Democratic Party, or the country. photo courtesy of Infrogmation of New Orleans via Wikimedia Commons
Wanna be a timely bummer at the party *and* put almost no effort into your Halloween costume?
A major part of Joe Biden's strategy is that he is not Donald Trump.
The second and final presidential debate, wine moms organize in Ohio, an NYPD cop got suspended for saying “Trump 2020” on the job, and it’s our last episode before the election. photo courtesy of Nomader via Wikimedia Commons
The last debate of the 2020 presidential cycle calls for alternate programming and fresh adult beverages.
Who should judge Trump in the future, the Hunter Biden stuff, and one of the most hilarious stories to come out of 2020 is about Jeffrey Toobin. photo courtesy of acaben via Wikimedia Commons
Trump’s favorite cable network refused to publish the Hunter Biden email story but amplified & laundered it all the same.
Books and betting markets favor Biden. Can a longshot bet on Trump pay off?
Running the same playbook four years later only works if the media decides to sell it for him—and believe Rudy Giuliani.
We review the major election-related news of the week–and there’s plenty, of course. Plus music from Sad13.
Roughly two weeks from Election Day, Biden has extended his polling lead in key states.
​John Knefel  explains why even the best case scenario for the United States in 2021 is less than ideal.​
Yeah, the debates were tough to watch, but at least people got some jokes off.
A Democrat finally playing actual politics has the media and Republicans in a frenzy.
Behold the corniest piece of campaign merchandise (and metaphor) ever created.
Biden and Harris shouldn’t go anywhere near the infected Trump campaign.
There was a presidential debate last Tuesday, and Trump has COVID. Photo courtesy of The White House via Wikimedia Commons
For Trump supporters, even baseline competence can turn into a full blown conspiracy.
Several organizations have put together awesome musical lineups, but only for voters.
The end is finally here. Don’t act like you won’t want a drink.
A pro-Biden Super PAC is urging progressives to listen to Bernie Sanders. Maybe it should take its own advice.
The Democratic nominee is offering an alternative to authoritarian fascism and corny campaign merch.
Donald Trump says he’s “up-played” the seriousness of the pandemic. Joe Biden needs to focus on winning. And we all need to worry about election result legitimacy. Plus music from Xanthe Alexis.
John Knefel comments on some recent reactions of Joe Biden on the campaign trail and suggests that his attempts to win over affluent white voters may cause him to lose the support of other key voting groups.
Political polling is more precise than ever, but people still turn to nontraditional markers to predict election results.
The RNC was wild. The president is unhinged. Bill & Ted are excellent. But you knew all that already.
Trump’s numbers are improving in the swing states that won him the White House in 2016.
A roundup of the RNC and the white supremacist shooting in Kenosha. photo courtesy of Lightburst via Wikimedia Commons
The former VP needs to hang militia violence and civil unrest around the president’s neck.
John Knefel warns that the Biden/Harris strategy to appeal to Republican voters with a lack of policy specifics will make it difficult to govern should they win the election in November.
A round up of the DNC, and initial thoughts on the RNC. photo courtesy of John Lucia via Wikimedia commons
Biden cast the 2020 election as love vs. hate and light vs. dark in his DNC acceptance speech.
Biden’s big night caps off a week of vapid political theater—which means it’s time to drink.
John Knefel comments on the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket.
Harris is the VP, and more school updates. photo courtesy of the Office of Senator Kamala Harris via Wikimedia Commons
Two nights in, and the Democratic Party’s priorities and target demographics are abundantly clear.
Sometimes politics are most effective from people you’ve never heard of.
From remote speeches to Republican endorsements, the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be tough to watch.
Trump’s unique heinousness doesn’t mean Democrats shouldn’t be challenged, questioned, and pushed.
Roots Action is targeting disaffected leftists leery of voting for Biden—yet doesn’t actually endorse him.
The former Vice President is polling well in states that could very well decide the election, but it’s still early.
Based on recent interviews, there’s no reason to think the president would perform even competently.
It might actually be nice if Biden was who Trump says he is. Sadly, he’s not.
John Knefel makes the case that, despite the left having made some concessions from Joe Biden on his immigration and economic platforms, he still needs to move on dismantling the United States’ racist carceral system. Molly and John Knefel are hosts of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Music featured in the episode: "Awake” by Tycho
Despite Joe Biden currently polling ahead of Donald Trump nationally, John Knefel offers a reminder that centrist candidates do not offer a promising outcome against Trump or others who share his ideals.
Biden leads Trump in several national polls, some by double digits, but there are a few factors to keep in mind.
At a time when America could actually use a strong, reforming opposition party, Dems don’t seem up to the task.
Responsibility chains, intent-behavior gaps, local validators, and incalculable loss… but also koalas and yogurt.
John Knefel comments on how the coronavirus pandemic was an opportunity for politicians, specifically Democrats, to address some of the much needed change in this country and how the opportunity has been squandered and any large scale change is unlikely.
The former VP’s comments Friday morning perfectly distilled his (and Democrats’) dismissive attitude toward black voters.
The former VP’s efforts to attract ardent Sanders supporters haven’t worked so far.
Assessing the current odds of Joe Biden’s potential vice presidential picks.
Why trust in institutions is low, and how to understand the Tara Reade accusation against Joe Biden. photo courtesy of WhoisJohnGalt via Wikimedia Commons
If he wins the White House, all the policy shifts he’s supposedly planning won’t mean anything.
Those who felt the primary was rigged against Sanders all along have even more fuel for their fire.
A preview of the 2020 general election. New movie, Selah and the Spades. And a preview of True Dreams' BTR Live Studio session.
We listened to Joe Biden’s new podcast and have thoughts. A discussion of Netflix’s ‘Tigertail.’ And a preview of GOLD DIME’s BTR Live Studio session.
Sanders is out and has endorsed Biden, millennials don’t stand a chance, and Corona updates. photo courtesy of Dan Keck via Wikimedia Commons
While criticizing Wisconsin Republicans for forcing people to vote in-person, Biden forgot he advocated for the same thing.
As ‘Bernie or Bust’ supporters voice their discontent, pundits have begun blaming the left for Joe Biden’s potential loss to Donald Trump.
Dr. Lynn Jiang, 1 of 2 doctors who began an Instagram account to document health workers on the frontline. Ryan Cooper on Gov. Cuomo. New gerrymander documentary ‘Slay The Dragon.’ And music by Parlor Walls.
John Knefel comments on the Democrats' poor response to the coronavirus outbreak.
As he exits the Democratic primary, it's clear Sanders' political impact is generational.
The former VP wants no part of Sanders on a debate stage.
The former VP isn’t changing his tune on universal healthcare, even as COVID-19 overwhelms America’s healthcare system.
Rumors about the New York governor and the Democratic favorite have swirled for a couple weeks.
The presumptive Democratic nominee's last public appearance was Tuesday. Over the weekend, Twitter users openly wondered why.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss the Democratic primaries and COVID-19. Also, we discuss new movie, Lost Girls.’ Plus a preview of Activity’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The Hawaii representative finished her campaign as confusingly as she ran it.
Sunday could be the primary's final debate, so might as well send it off with a drink. Or several.
A look back at the news and other stuff we wrote about this week.
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss why Sanders shouldn’t drop out, the effects of COVID-19 on current politics, and more. Also, we discuss new movie, ‘Onward.’ Plus a preview of Momma’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
The uncertainty surrounding Joe Biden is more than enough reason for Sanders to keep fighting.
It's our first show since Super Tuesday and coronavirus emergencies in the US. photo courtesy of CDC via Wikimedia commons
Joe Virgillito is here to discuss Super Tuesday and beyond. Also, we discuss new movie, ‘The Invisible Man.’ Plus a preview of Church Girls’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Beto, Amy and Pete made it onto some Joe merch. But Biden’s got other people to thank, too.
We spend the hour on the centrists coalescing against Bernie Sanders. photo courtesy of Jackson Lanier via Wikimedia Commons
Last week's debate was actually entertaining. This one should be too. And yes, liquor helps.
You know the candidates’ policies. Now take a look at their merchandise.
Despite Joe Biden polling well among older Americans, John Knefel explains why they would have the most to worry about should he become the Democratic nominee for president.
Biden's disingenuous ally performance, and catching up on the strawmen arguments in the class reduction discussion. photo by Todd L Church
Joe Rogan endorses Bernie Sanders, the MBS kidnap plot, and some Harris/Biden/Obama speculation. photo courtesy of LABaseball Fan via Wikimedia Commons
Tonight’s debate should be the messiest so far. Get your cocktails ready.
Iran vows direct retaliation, John Bolton says he’ll testify in the impeachment trial, and why liberals are so mad at AOC. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez photo courtesy of Senate Democrats via Wikimedia Commons