This week we review the new drama Almost Paris, directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival!
Our third week of Tribeca Film Festival coverage brings us a review of the harrowing short film "Curve" and interviews with the cast and crew!
On touring with The Counting Crows and a May residency in New York City!
It's our second Tribeca featured film! We review the documentary "Bugs," which talks about the world of edible insects and interview the makers of the film to hear about what this strange future may hold.
Our first episode where we cover the Tribeca Film Festival! We review "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" and interview cast members Jessica Biel, Jason Sudeikus, Maisie Williams, and director Bill Purple.
On dealing with the bullshit of the music industry and coming out on top, with a positive message.
We talk about what to expect next week for the Tribeca Film Festival and review the eccentric new drama "The Lobster."
We review the visually stunning and harrowing new black and white film "Embrace of the Serpent."
This week we review the riveting British artificial intelligence flick "Ex Machina".
We review the new sci-fi thriller "Coherence" and talk about some of the greatest characters in movie history!
On splicing old tapes and removing sound frequencies one by one.
We talk the greatest movie characters of all time and review the hilarious new Marvel hit "Deadpool."
We review the harrowing Netflix original documentary "Virunga."
We recap the 2016 Oscars and review the Academy Award-winning film "The Revenant," starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.
This week we catch up with JP, frontman for the Brooklyn-based band herMajesty, to talk about using the mind, body, and music as a canvas.
We talk about the greatest characters in film and review the new drama "The Danish Girl" starring Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, and Amber Heard.
We share some of the best fictional characters from the big screen and review the new Danny Boyle drama "Steve Jobs" starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogan, and Jeff Daniels.
BTRtoday catches up with New York based band 'Nuf Said to chat about the evolution of their new album, "Rise," and fanning each other with cardboard.
We review the new Academy Award nominated drama "Brooklyn" and share some of the most memorable characters in film.
We talk about Leonardo DiCaprio's best roles (while crossing our fingers for his Oscar win!) and review the new drama "Room."
BTR catches up with experimental bitpop project Love Spread to chat about using video game controllers to make music.
A look into nature’s ability to design the surreal landscape of the Three Parallel Rivers of China.
We talk about the top ten films with non-linear story lines and review the new Oscar-contender "Spotlight"
How an NPO operates on the principle of unconditional giving, and maybe so should you.  
We talk about the longest movies Hollywood has ever produced and review the Oscar nominated film The Big Short
BTR sits down with Jamie Frey, formerly of The Brooklyn What, to chat about his new project No Ice and their upcoming album.
A new survey from various experts indicates travel may help you live even longer in the age of dramatically increased longevity.
We review the new Quentin Tarantino movie 'The Hateful Eight!'
The disappearance of flying standby doesn’t have to mean the disappearance of cheap flights—you just have to get creative!
We provide a list of the best movies to work out to and review the new epic JJ Abrams-helmed installment 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'
We talk about some essential mindless flicks to rein in the New Year and review the new 007 extravaganza 'Spectre'
BTR sat down with Brooklyn-based musician Lawrence Scaduto, creator of Shopping and Fourth Grade Gladiator, and also an amazing guitar pedal maker.