Clark Terry just released “Clark – The Autobiography of Clark Terry” (University of California Press) and today it’s all about him and some of the musicians he inspires. New York City-based pianist Helen Sung was generous enough to give us some extra insight.
Today we check out set two of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey's live show from February 12, 2010 at the Coda in San Francisco. They have a new album out now and are currently on a big national tour.
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is all over the jam news lately with a new album and national tour to celebrate this fall. Today we check out what the buzz is all about with set one of a live show from February 12, 2010 at the Coda in San Francisco.
Just in time for President Obama's speech regarding his plan to improve the unemployment situation in the country, BTR has correspondents Lauren Hawker and Jess Westberg on the streets of Washington, DC, and New York City this week to ask people about their personal experience with finding and keeping a job. [blip]video2[/blip]
Electrify your Wednesday with DJRePete headlining your lineup with ukulele-infused pop from Bourgeois Heros, grunk rock from Swedish Suicide, and a jazzy set headlined by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Also, check out a set of Remix Artist Collective (RAC) tracks, a remix of ‘the song of the summer’ by Foster the People, and Dent May before his recent electro pop album! Also, get the scoop on a trio of music festivals before the summer ends! Catch it all today on BTR with DJRePete!
Don't miss our Hear & There episode with Johanna and the Dusty Floor as the band performs in Brooklyn in Johanna's home. The Australian born piano player's sound is a mix of electronic pop and symphony orchestra, and is something you won't want to miss.
What started as a small movement in the early '90s has grown into a full-blown scene with international reach: it's burlesque in New York, this week on Pulse. Find out how the pioneers of the neo-burlesque scene view the art form's continued growth and increased exposure. With more dancers and shows than ever, how much has the craft changed? [youtube][/youtube]
Israeli jazz/electronic act J. Viewz perform "Soundswoop," their official remix of Nina Simone's "Seeline Woman" and "When Silent it Speaks," during a live studio session. See all the great moments that didn't make the original Live Studio cut. For the complete audio broadcast and playlist: [youtube][/youtube]
Israeli jazz/electronic act J. Viewz perform "This City Means No Love" live in our studio. For the complete audio broadcast and playlist: [youtube][/youtube]