From sushi to traditional Indian dishes--learn the multitude of ways Americans butcher cultural cuisines and food etiquettes from all over the world.
Amanda's Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ boasts incredible reviews, an impressive menu, and a wonderful wine list, but it'll cost you a pretty penny (or two).
In the midst of a sea of impressively hip restaurants on Frederick Douglass Boulevard sits a northern Italian bar and restaurant that boasts an average rating of four stars and attracts a diverse crowd. Lido serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, and the menu consists of "organic and local" food "whenever possible," as well as cruelty-free meat and poultry.
Right in the heart of Manhattan’s West Village sits Rosemary’s Enoteca & Trattoria. The large space located on Greenwich Ave welcomes an array of New Yorkers for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Rosemary’s authenticity to its Tuscan roots is abundantly noticeable from the food to the drinks.
The owners of Ferraro’s Ristorante in Westfield, NJ recently opened Anna’s Ristorante in the nearby town of Summit, NJ. The popular Italian spot is located on Union Place directly next door to The Office Beer Bar & Grill.
This soup is hearty, not carb-y.
Dish + Drink does Restaurant Week right.
This Morningside Heights Italian restaurant is the perfect neighborhood spot.