Happy Wednesday! We’re taking it back a little old school today and playing some Neutral Milk Hotel and Jookabox back when he was Grampall Jookabox. We’ve also got exciting new tract Destroyer and Frog Eyes on the show, and I rehash a new favorite from Fenster. Don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, SoundCloud and Pinterest, too!
This week we sit down with BTR's own Zach Schepis to hear tales from his travels in Thailand -- and they are AWESOME.
We review the not-so-special new Disney flick 'Tomorrowland' starring George Clooney and talk the best and worst reality show spin offs
Main Attrakionz. Abra. Katie Dey. Amara Toure. Rsmg. Ricky Eat Acid. Knxwledge. La Luz. lee(asano+ryuhei). Saun and Starr. And more...