Reuben Safire joins us to discuss the devastating fires in California, and John is in the studio to catch up on John Kelly’s comments defending Trump. Reuben Safire, via Twitter
Attacks on Muslims in the US and the UK, a check in on the status of the AHCA in the Senate, and listener mail catch up.       Philando Castile Protest Photo by Fibonacci Blue courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Trump attacks London’s Muslim mayor in the wake of new terrorist attacks there, Bill Maher continues to be a racist, John on the torture report, and listener mail.     Photo by JJARichardson courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Dalia Mogahed talks about the hope and difficulty of overcoming Islamophobia in the United States, as well as the need to separate the issue of bigotry from Islamic reform.
Dalia Mogahed joins the show to discuss the rhetorical rise of Islamophobia, her gravest concerns about it, and why some Muslims dislike the term.