Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss Michael Flynn, a Washington state lawmaker proposed a law that would criminalize protesting as economic terrorism, and listener mail.
A nationwide manhunt is underway after bombs explode in New York and New Jersey, Chris Christie lies about Trump’s birtherism, and David Brooks has some thoughts about Kaepernick’s protest.  
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Ali Gharib and Kade Crockford join us to discuss the aftermath of the homophobic shooting in Orlando, and listener mail by someone directly effected.
Frontline’s Marcel Mettelsiefen joins us to discuss his new documentary Children of Syria, an Iraqi refugee is removed from a Southwest Airlines plane after speaking Arabic, and listener mail.
Sahar Alsahlani and Arun Kundnani join us for Radio Dispatch Live to discuss Islamophobia in the US and abroad.
Ted Cruz calls to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods in the aftermath of the bombing in Brussels, Success Academy tries to stop leaks to the press, and listener mail.
The US promise to accept 10,000 Syrians this year is off to a slow start, and listener mail.