We conclude our discussion with Vesna Markovic, who answers the an interesting question: can terrorism ever be fully eradicated?
Vesna Markovic discusses how terrorist groups are financed, ISIS's stature in the world and how traveling ideology make terrorism so difficult to fight against.
Vesna Markovic discusses how certain terrorist activity gets lost in ever-changing media cycles, and explains how groups become affiliated with one another.
Vesna Markovic discusses how a person is drawn toward radicalization and the environments of injustice--real and perceived--that lead to the formation of terrorist groups.
Dr. Vesna Markovic talks about the general reticence to use the term "terrorism," as well as the most common and successful violent tactics used by terrorist groups.
Sebastian Rotella of Frontline and ProPublica joins us to discuss his new documentary Terror in Europe, a GOP headquarters is firebombed in North Carolina, Amy Goodman is charged with participating in a riot, and the fight for Mosul begins in Iraq.  
The dangers of referring to terrorism as a cancer, and listener mail on kids and the climate.
John Oliver covers charter schools, ISIS uses a child suicide bomber to attack a wedding in southern Turkey, and listener mail.
Frontline's Michael Kirk on his documentary the Secret History of ISIS, Syrians worry about a possible Trump presidency, and listener mail.
The Syrian ceasefire appears to have collapsed, a re-cap of the opt out movement, and listener mail.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss Bernie Sander's old school Jewishness, how to talk about Trump with kids, using big data in the war on terror, and listener mail about Soylent.
Sahar Alsahlani and Arun Kundnani join us for Radio Dispatch Live to discuss Islamophobia in the US and abroad.
The opt out movement continues to grow, Trump retweets an image mocking Heidi Cruz's appearance, and Clinton's simplistic plan to defeat ISIS.
Bombings in Istanbul and Belgium, John is back, and listener mail.