After writing music together for the last three years, The Winter Passing has great reason to celebrate. The Irish five-piece released their debut LP, 'A Different Space of Mind,' just last week. BTR checks in with The Winter Passing and gets the rundown on their LP.
This week I'm teaching you my travel light tree, plus we're chatting urban exploration with Dr. J of Sidewalk Safari!
It’s Fan Week here on BTR, and this week’s guest is truly fan-tastic! (Sorrynotsorry). Holly Shortall is an illustrator from Ireland whose fresh, fun fashion art gained global attention when Kim Kardashian re-posted one of Holly’s portraits of her. Not long after that, Cosmopolitan commissioned a series of drawings from Holly, and her work was launched into the virtual stratosphere. On today’s show, Holly talks about her early love for drawing and how it’s evolved; what it takes to be a freelance artist in today’s global media landscape; some of her favorite stylish celebrities from the 90’s and today; her own go-to style staple, and more. Plus, a variety-packed playlist with something for every music fan, featuring songs from cross-Continental duo AM & Shawn Lee, Scottish indie vets Teenage Fanclub, and the latest single from the electro-pop duo that can do no wrong, Sylvan Esso. So come celebrate your inner fashion fangirl with us: it’s Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
This week I give you my top three things to do in rain forests, plus we get tips, tricks and stories from the road from world wanderer Alex Salamanca!
Blacklist Week - What's it like to live in a town called Effin, Intercourse, or Dildo? BTR explores the naughty names of towns to give a taste of the experience.
Playing the cello like a drum, first love, and finding your home on the road.
An exploration of folksy Irish roots through the heartbreaking beauty of cellist Alana Henderson
Dott is a band based in Galway, Ireland, who play shiny, harmony-driven garage pop. If you're into super hummable melodies full of oohs and aahs, slathered with tasty guitar noise, they've got exactly what you need. During CMJ 2014, the band came all the way to New York to play some shows and join us for this session at Saltlands.