Obama expands the ground war in Iraq, and listener mail.
A school cop assaults a child in a South Carolina high school, Jim Comey repeats allegations of the so-called “Ferguson Effect,” and Obama weighs deepening troops' mission in Iraq and Syria.
Climate change is threatening the security of Iraq, Clinton testifies before the Benghazi committee, and more listener mail on wheelhouses.
David Petraeus’s weird, wild plan to defeat ISIS, white people on Trump, the wrong ways that coupled people talk to single people, and listener mail.
The increasingly revised history of the build up to the war on Iraq, restorative justice in NYC schools, and listener mail about creeping Sharia.
Families respond to Hillary Clinton's criticism of mass incarceration, Jeb Bush waffles on Iraq war, and Marco Rubio loves Taken.
Officials from Iraq and Saudi Arabia spar over the bombing of Yemen, protests nationwide on fight for 15 and Black Lives Matter, and a listener blog keeping Pride queer.
We review Clint Eastwood's controversial 'American Sniper' and feature interviews with Chris Kyle's wife Taya and actress Sienna Miller