It's Sleep Week here at BTR! First up on the show, Dr. Carl Bazil of the Columbia University Comprehensive Epilepsy and Sleep Center talks to us about new research on the quantity-versus-quality of a good night's sleep. And later, author and former US infrantryman Jared Maxwell joins us to talk about his new memoir about his experiences in one of the most violent and intense fights of the war in Afghanistan.
It's Taboo Week! On today's show, Philadelphia artist Erin M. Riley talks about female sexuality in her work, Bawdy storyteller Reid Mihaulko talks about a non-profit he started for cuddling, and we ask New York City Comptroller John Liu more about why he thinks legalizing marijuana would help the city.
Ten years ago this month -- on March 20, 2003 -- U.S. led forces invaded Iraq. One of the original rationales for the war was to find weapons of mass destruction that many leaders believed Saddam Hussein to possess and to disarm him. No weapons were ever found. Over the course of the war, tens of thousands of people were killed, including more than 4,000 US service members -- and some estimates of civilian casualties have been much higher. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people in New York how they felt about the war at the time and how they feel now.
Everything you need to know about Chinese malware attacks and the escalation of cyber weapons on the internet.