The House Speaker didn’t consider it an impeachable offense.
CNN hosted a Town Hall all about LGBTQ rights, and a deep dive on Ellen.
The rhetoric from both the administration and the New York Times around war with Iran has escalated significantly in the last few days. Also, Trump sees coughing as a sign of weakness, and Ross Douthat thinks dads don’t get enough credit.
Julian Assange has been arrested, the right wing continues to put a target on Ilhan Omar’s back, and listener mail. photo courtesy of Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina via Wikimedia…
It’s been 16 years since the start of the Iraq war, Elizabeth Warren’s calls to abolish the electoral college, and the New York City selective schools that let in even fewer black students this…
We begin to look back on films from 10 years ago, with ‘The Hurt Locker.’ Also, we review new movie, ‘Birds of Passage.’ Plus a preview of Elise Davis’ upcoming BTR Live Studio session.