It's Intoxication Week on BTR! On today's show, Medical Director for the Houston Marathon, Dr. John Cianca, explains to us why drinking too much water can be bad even for casual endurance athletes. And later, DJ Jordan chats with Dan Ozzi of the Jaded Punk blog and Noisey, the new music channel from VICE Media, on the current wave of nostalgia intoxicating the pop punk generation.
It's Authenticity Week on BTR! On today's show, Jordan Reisman chats with the creator of the award winning podcast, 'The Truth', Jonathan Mitchell. And later, Jody Stephens, drummer of Memphis power pop quartet Big Star, is on the phone talking about a new documentary out on his legendary band. Plus, last week in independent media and under-reported news.
Everything you need to know about Chinese malware attacks and the escalation of cyber weapons on the internet.