It’s Radio Dispatch Best of 2019 and we’re revisiting our interviews with David Huerta on cybersecurity practices and Christopher Matthias on Steve King. Photo courtesy of David Huerta Photo courtesy of Christopher Matthias
Lujayn shares the varying degrees of Islamophobia she has dealt with before and after removing her hijab, and the ways she has responded to people in those situations.
Osita Nwanevu joins us to discuss his piece on what “cancel culture” really means. Also, 70,000 migrant children have been detained this year, and Mayor Pete’s rise in Iowa. Osita Nwanevu,…
The difference between Sanders' criticism of the Washington Post and Trump's, and listener mail. photo courtesy  of The Circus on Showtime via Wikimedia Commons
Jam Session favorites TAUK and Kung Fu will headline the 16th annual Camp Euforia Music Festival in Lone Tree, Iowa.