On November 26, 2012, TBWA/Chiat/Day hosted a launch party for photographer Rose Hartman's new book, Incomparable Women Of Style. Before the event, BreakThruTV's Lauren Hawker spoke with Rose about the book and her career, during which she has photographed a number of celebrities, models, and fashionistas -- Jacqueline Onassis, Kate Moss, Bianca Jagger, Naomi Campbell, and Lauren Hutton among them -- and been a fixture at such famed hot spots as Studio 54.
The holiday season is upon us, so, this week on BTR Pulse, we speak to people about their favorite holiday traditions and how this festive time affects them. We also ask how the current state of the economy may impact and alter their usual traditions.
On Thursday, October 18, right in the middle of the non-stop music madness that is the CMJ Music Marathon, BreakThru Radio teamed up with music blog I Guess I’m Floating to co-promote their Floating Fest at Pianos on the Lower East Side of NYC. Follow DJ Latola as he checks out the show and gets exclusive interviews from some of the bands on the bill: Conveyor shares tips on how to keep music fun, Night Panther reveals the best way to listen to music, Levek sheds some light on the Gainesville scene, and Connor McGlynn and Nathaniel Gravely from I Guess I’m Floating discuss how they pick the bands for shows like this.
A Q&A with professional card shark and annual contender in the World Series of Poker.
The touring guru on how musicians in college can make the most of their Spring Break.
BTR catches up with US Olympic Medalist Meb Keflezighi. The marathon runner has once again qualified for the Summer Olympics and we're finding out what makes him tick.
BTR discusses the patron saint of free speech in comedy with his long-time collaborator, Karl Thomas.