Strolling around Madison Square Park in NYC’s Flatiron District, we ask people if any of the Republican candidates for President in the 2012 election cycle look enticing…
A scene recently played out at a Brooklyn L train station in which several onlookers avoided assisting a man who’d fallen on the tracks and was bleeding. Instead, one onlooker shot video of the situation and uploaded it to YouTube — and all this as there was 13 minutes until the next incoming train.
There have been a few articles floating around the web this week that discuss the clash of bikes on pedestrians on NYC bridges. We set out to ask pedestrians and cyclists if they’ve encountered any problems, and what they think about the possibility of banning bikes from bridges.
Always a difficult thing to decide: When is it time to dump/break up with one’s boyfriend/girlfriend. We asked some people on the street how they know when it’s time…. Featured song: “Justin In Time”
Support beams from the September 11th wreckage, in the shape of a crucifix, have become a topic of debate — the question being whether or not it’s appropriate for them to be featured in the World Trade Center memorial museum. Some people, including atheists are upset (see: ), so we went down to the neighborhood to see what people thought.
Lately I’ve noticed more and more GOURMET food trucks parked around my labor-hood around lunch time. It’s great to have more options, but I’m guessing that the local restaurants (actually most of them are chains anyways) are getting pissed off because they are the ones paying the rent and losing the business. Or maybe not??
Recently launched is the new Google Plus (currently in beta testing) – it has some interesting features but will it be enough for people to ditch Facebook?
Brooklyn band A Million Years has a talent for matching great power-pop guitar riffs with catchy, often anthemic lyrics.
Recently a fan returned Derek Jeter’s valuable 3000th hit ball even though he really could’ve used the money he might have been able to make from it. So, we go to Grand Central Station to ask people if they would’ve done the same. Featured song: “Gastronomic Meal” by Yellow Dogs
El Jezel have been active in the NYC/Brooklyn indie rock scene for a decade and have worked with Travis Harrison multiple times in the past, so their session for Serious Business on BTR was something of a reunion. Here, the band plays their signature brand of psychedelic rock, graced with sweet and melodic voices and their usual charm.
On this weeks episode of Pulse host Jess Westberg asks New Yorkers in the trendy East Village what they like to do for free fun in the city.
This week, we present “Smash Hits, Vol. 2,” the second installment of some of our favorite moments from Serious Business on BTR.
Let’s find out what New Yorkers think about the state senate legalizing same sex marriages.
Brooklyn band Quiet Loudly wows with their sound. Featuring loud, electric guitar, dreamy lyrics, and an in-the-pocket rhythm section, their music weaves together dynamic psyched-out rock with soulful melodies.
On this weeks episode of Pulse, host Lauren Hawker walks the NYC High Line to enjoy the scenic views, architecture, and gardens. On route we ask fellow visitors to reflect on the slew of recent political sex scandals.
Watch as host Lauren Hawker goes around to ask New Yorkers how they feel about the abundance of sidewalk charity fundraisers and if they would stop to donate or just keep walking.
After watching indie-rock band Bunny’s A Swine perform, you’ll be hooked. Their brand of grunge-tinged pop is infectious, with an awkwardly-cool vibe that will leave you wanting to hear more from the Massachusetts power trio.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker examines analog vs. digital by chatting with some NYC park dwellers. She asks them, “Who still has a land-line phone?” and “When did they first get their cell phone?”
Brooklyn band Yellowbirds has an indie 60’s rock sound that’s immediately ear-catching. Travis Harrison sat down with the band for an interview and some music in his studio and it’s a segment you won’t want to miss.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker asks if the way that soldiers are respected has changed since the wars of yesterday, and if the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars should get a memorial in New York City.
They’re a band you don’t want to miss, and in case you did, here’s another shot. Listen to Hank & Cupcakes perform “Ain’t No Love” and “Jimmy” at Serious Business Studios in New York City. Funky, fun, and friendly, their sound is contagious.
This week, we’ve compiled a “best of” segment we’re calling “Smash Hits, Vol. 1,” which pulls together a number of our favorite moments from the first 27 episodes of Serious Business on BTR. Included is some of the funniest, raw, and more unforgettable footage we have. Don’t miss out on a chance to sit back, relax, and laugh while watching the best of our conversations with the artists of Serious Business.
We know you wanted more. Here’s the outtakes from our Live Studio session with Levek. Listen to the band talk about how they transformed from a solo act to tacking on six members, along with snippets of more of their great music.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker attends a rally of NYC teachers protesting proposed budget cuts and layoffs. The atmosphere was highly charged with thousands of attendees and even Rev. Al Sharpton giving an inspirational speech. To wrap up the story, and learn more about the causes of the proposed cutbacks, Lauren meets with Radio Dispatch DJ’s, Molly and John Knefel.
See Levek perform “Dream Entry No. 1,” live in our studio. Levek can be said to be creating a genre in itself and this song will give you a taste of just what you’ve been craving – something new.
Catch more great moments from our Live Studio session with Bluegrass act Hot Day at the Zoo, including their live renditions of “South of the Storm,” “Country Girl” and “Stay a Little Longer.” The band also explains why if you ever catch them fighting amongst themselves, it’s not cause for concern.