Levi Boxell joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the internet's role in political polarization.
Pornhub introduces artificial intelligence to its operations after falling victim to a massive malware infection. What could go wrong?
Rena Karefa-Johnson & Matt Ruby on Charlottesville aftermath; Jackie Soller on ‘Logan Lucky,’ directed by Steven Soderbergh; sneak peek of Amy O’s BTR Live Studio session.
Christie and company had a whale of a time on the beach outside the governor’s summer mansion. The image of the combative and disliked governor spread through social media and was hilariously repurposed in a stream of ‘shopped images.
A stone engraved with memes may seem like a monument to man’s stupidity, but there’s value in commemorating distractions.
Stanford University computer science researcher Justin Cheng joins the show to talk about his recently published paper exploring the ease with which people can become trolls online.
Britney Summit-Gil on the ways the right wing use online spaces, Betsy DeVos wants schools to be like Uber, Flynn says he will testify in exchange for immunity, and listener mail. Britney Summit-Gil Photo credit: Britney Summit-Gil (Twitter)
We continue our conversation with Dr. Brian Primack, who discusses the time it will take to strike the balance between the benefits and detractions of social media, as well as establishing the directionality of future research.