This week on the show I speak with multi-media artist Orlando Estrada. Orlando creates installations, sculptures, and performances inspired by his years living in Florida, his background in queer theory, and experiences he had growing up in a family of spiritual mediums.
BTR went to check out “Scenario In The Shade”–an immersive installation created by artists Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe and Jennifer Herrema.
Highbridge Park recently reopened to the public, allowing pedestrians to stroll from northern Manhattan into the South Bronx. BTR stopped by this spot on a sultry summer day to walk across the High Bridge (of the greater park’s namesake). The height of the structure offered a fine vantage point to observe the Hudson River and various highway ramps underneath. Inland, there was also some public art installed along the Manhattan esplanade, a series of sculptures titled ‘Oh Sit! 14 Sculptors Consider the Chair.’
Australian artist Tega Brain is interested in re-imagining the systems, infrastructures, and networks that govern our technologically enhanced world. In her works she’s converted data into smells, searched for signs of climate change in images on Flickr, and constructed a hybrid eco-system that joins a coin-operated laundromat with a miniature wetland. This in addition to many other playful and throughout provoking pieces that ask questions like: how much could you get for an ancient artifact from the Metropolitan Museum if it were listed on craigslist?