In Part 2, Aisling McCrea discusses social media and how idealistic representations of women have worsened with the shift to non-traditional media.
This week we chat with U.K.’s lovely Miss World and listen to her debut solo album ‘Keeping Up With Miss World’—tune in!
With my time as full-time staff writer for BTRtoday reaching its end, here’s a look back at my favorite work for the site.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are almost certainly getting more out of you than you’re getting out of them.
The best of the week includes Jon Snow, mayo and a whole lot of rock history.
Monica Anderson joins the show to discuss Pew’s recent survey of teenagers’ technology and social media habits.
The unoriginality problem posed by FuckJerry and social media content aggregators.
 In Part II, Maura Quint discusses joke theft and the problem with large content aggregating accounts like FuckJerry and The Fat Jew.
Eric Curtin (@dubstep4dads) joins the show to discuss FuckJerry’s recent Shorty Awards win and the problems content stealing accounts pose to original content creators.
Twitter Moments with Matt Ruby. Jacqueline Soller on ‘The Post.’ John Knefel on Hawaii’s false alarm for apocalypse by push alert. Sneak preview of Benjamin Cartel’s BTR Live Studio session.