Anti-Social Week – The director of the viral short film ‘Aspirational’ chats about how fans interact with celebrities these days.
This week on Sew & Tell, I’m honored to bring you an interview with the first fashion illustrator we’ve ever featured on the show. Richard Haines is one of the industry’s foremost menswear illustrators, whose popular blog What I Saw Today is a catalogue of his elegant street style sketches and fashion studies. Richard’s career in illustration is a recent transition, one he comes to from thirty years spent designing for some of menswear’s top labels, including Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, and Bill Blass. It’s no wonder that his sketches and drawings convey a strong sense of drape and a firm grasp of garment construction, giving a structural anchor to his passionately expressive renderings of ephemeral moments. On today’s show, Richard talks about the path that took him from illustration into design and back again, how the digital era has impacted the fashion illustration industry, some of the moments that inspire and inform his sketch work, a few recent job highlights, and more. Plus, a great playlist chock full of new music including the latest from Wampire, Allo Darlin’, Greylag and Radiohead drummer Philip Selway. So join us for some fine, fashionable lines here on BTR!
Trending Week – Are you a social media amateur looking to go pro? Here are some essential tips you need to know.
On this week’s show, I’m joined by Joshua Brueckner, founder of an innovative new service called SKINNYFATTIES. Rather than relegate necktie styles to the dictates of trends and designers, Joshua and his team put the power of customization into their clients’ hands, tailoring their ties to individual preferences and needs. On today’s show, you’ll hear Joshua talk about the genesis of his idea to tailor ties, the growth of that idea into SKINNYFATTIES, the services they offer clients, some of the criteria they take into consideration when tailoring a customer’s tie, some of his favorite tie labels and designers, some new tie trends on the horizon, and more. Plus, a playlist full of the latest releases – brand new music from Sean Rowe, Ty Segall, Roadkill Ghost Choir, and others. So join us for a lesson in the power of the tie, right here on BreakThru Radio!
Wayne Ski weighs in on Ferguson, MO today.
Photo Week – Two college students are shedding light on the student loan crisis with a selfie.
Translate your wildest dreams onto patterned fabric canvases.
It’s Legacy Week on BTR and Father’s Day on Sunday, so today’s Sew & Tell is all about honoring the fashion legacies of fathers, grandfathers, and older generations. My guest is Christina Belchere, photographer and curator behind the buzzy new Instagram feed Fashion Grandpas, whose photo collection centers around the snappy street style of silver-haired gentlemen. Fashion Grandpas is at once adorable, moving, inspiring, and full of humor, and on today’s show, Christina will talk about how she started collecting these “grandpas,” the dapper style elements that catch her eye, and how she incorporates the grandpas’ looks into her own menswear-inspired wardrobe. Plus, I’m joined later in the show by DJ Dane – together we recap the psychedelic 70’s styles from the most current Mad Men episodes, and do some speculating on what might be ahead for the one & lonely Mr. Don Draper. And as always, I’ve got some great new tunes in the playlist from artists like The Fresh & Onlys, Half-handed Cloud, Dead Stars, and more. So join us now on BTR for a look at some classic menswear styles handed down by dear old dad!
With all the software and apps out there for improving photos these days, it may be hard to imagine sharing one without tweaking it at least a little, but do edited photos represent the real you? This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people if they enhance or edit their photos before putting them online and how far is too far when it comes to altering physical appearance in photos.
“Dogist” Elias Weiss Friedman and Stephanie McCombie of “ifitwags” talk animal blog photography.
On this week’s Sew & Tell, I speak with the co-founder of the hottest new fashion start-up around: NailSnaps. NailSnaps is an app that allows you to design custom manicure sets using your own personal photos, and when word got out about its Kickstarter campaign, the fashion community was universally smitten. Join me for a conversation with NailSnaps co-founder Angel Anderson, who talks about how she got the initial idea for this brilliant concept, how she and Sarah Heering have developed the design platform, the countless creative possibilities that NailSnaps offer, the benefits and challenges of using Kickstarter for a fashion start-up, and more. Plus, a great playlist chock-full of new music including the latest from folk artists S. Carey and William Fitzsimmons, garage/psych rockers Burnt Ones and Dry Heeves, and the new supergroup Sisyphus. So tune in, grab a nail file, and get ready for the manicure revolution!