On this week's episode I talk a lot about the new Joanna Newsom album, Divers! Out now on Drag City! It's great! Also, I play many other calm songs. Enjoy.
Whoopee! Another week, another killer episode of The Rock Show on BTR! Here you can hear new tracks from Alex G, Deradoorian, and Fenster. Plus, we've got favorites from bands like Ava Luna, Speedy Ortiz, and even more than just that! It's always a party, and you're ALWAYS invited!
You've heard of "Throwback Thursday," right? What? You been living under a rock or something?? Well, anyway, this week on the ROCK SHOW, it's a real "Throwback Friday!" I've got great tunes from days gone by, and you know what? They really ROCK! It's only natural...
This week's show is another great set in a long line of so many great sets. We've got hits from favs like TONY MOLINA, SCOTT DEADELUS, PERFECT HAIR FOREVER, and so many more. It's a POP-fest, and it's a lot of fun.
It's Freak Week here on BTR... oh wait, no that's wrong... Hold on, lemme check my schedule... Hmmm... Oh, right, it's Made In The USA Week on BTR! We're talking about how things are made in the USA (mostly by prisoners), and the resurgence of vinyl! Also, playing plenty of great ROCK MUSIC, of course!
Brooklyn pop trio Pearl And The Beard return to BTR Live Studio with their latest batch of stomp-worthy, epic folk-rock songs. Taking a slightly heavier approach this time around, Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price, and Jeremy Lloyd-Styles raise their powerful voices to inspiring effect with every rousing chorus. As the trio wrapped up work on their latest album and prepped for a string of shows with Ani Difranco, they brought their big sound and SO MANY FEELINGS to Saltlands for this session.
BTR sits down with indie-rockers Hippo Campus, of Minneapolis, MN. Comprised of Jake Luppen, Zach Sutton, Nathan Stocker, and Whistler Allen, the band has made a splash in less than two years. Luppen and Sutton talk about origin stories and their songwriting process on 'Bashful Creatures'.
BTR chats with James Krivchenia of the nine-piece, Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Happy You.