We revisit our May 2017 interview with Ryan Devereaux, and our political year in review. Photo courtesy of Neflix via Wikimedia Commons
We revisit our February 2017 interview with Todd Miller, and a look at the Atlantic article about Mike Pence’s devotion to Trump.    Todd Miller, via Twitter
Maria de Los Angeles is a New York-based artist who was born in Mexico and immigrated to Santa Rosa California in 2000. Her work is inspired by both personal experience and the the larger political conversations surrounding migration.
Dr. Charis Kubrin joins the show to discuss her recent report exploring the link between immigration and crime, why crime rates are lower in immigrant communities, and why immigrants are persistently blamed for crime in America.
Putting a face on a problem always helps it stand out. But in America, a white face works best.
Ryan Devereaux is here to discuss ICE arrests under Trump, as well as the FBI surveillance of the Bundy family. Also, catching up on listener mail. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Rick Rowley joins us to discuss the new Frontline documentary “American Patriot: Inside the Armed Uprising Against the Federal Government.” Also, John checks in on what to keep an eye out for from Trump this week, and a New York City school turned away a federal immigration agent who was looking for a 4th grader. Photo credit: Twitter (@frontlinePBS)
This week, contributor Matt Ruby offers his perspective as a comedian on recent so-called “socially conscious criticism” and “hot take” reviews of recent specials by Dave Chappelle and Louis…
NYC stands up for trans students after Trump rolls back protections, a DREAMer is set to be deported after speaking with the media, the US carries out nearly two dozen drone strikes in Yemen, and checking in on good men and boys.
Joe discusses Donald Trump's recent comments about increasing the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal and mass deportations as a "military operation."
We're joined by special guest John Knefel. Some of you might know him as the cohost of the daily political podcast Radio Dispatch, and of the new companion series Video Dispatch. John covers a wide range of foreign policy, criminal justice, and civil liberties issues.
The planned deportation of Guadalupe García de Rayos goes viral, Molly reignites her love affair with Unsolved Mysteries, and listener mail. Photo credit: John Knefel
Trump spends the weekend attacking the judiciary and the concept of truth, yet retains high approval ratings among Republicans, and listener mail.
How Trump's executive orders could send more immigrant women and children to family detention, Kellyanne Conway invents a massacre, and thousands gather in Brooklyn in support of the Bodega Strike Photo credit: John Knefel
John Knefel is one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Here, in the first episode of a new weekly video spinoff series about politics and current events, he discusses President Trump’s recently rolled out “Muslim Ban” and the fallout from its hasty implementation. Come back every week to hear from John and his sister/co-host, Molly, about the news of the week. Music featured in the episode: "Untitled" by Tiny Victories
Joe speaks with Mary Sheehy and discusses Trump's recent immigration actions with BTRtoday social media director Irina Groushevaia.
Sweden and Denmark, who are often described by liberals as utopian countries, have been transformed right before our eyes.