The list of accusations keeps getting longer, while the label works feverishly on making a huge shift in more than just policy.
‘When We See Each Other’ is a new podcast hosted by Nikkiesha McLeod that will focus on work by Black, queer, trans, non-binary artists/writers from a broad range of genres. J McVay joins Nikkiesha for this first episode to discuss their background and goals for the show. Also, Nikkiesha has a special birthday message (and song) for their niece’s birthday!
Shana Falana is one of our favorite dream-pop artists - currently based in Kingston, New York. Shana and Michael Amari explore darkness and light in their almost-meditative songs, which are illuminated by dazzling visual projections at live shows. During quarantine, Shana brought us into her home and daily life to give us a look at what’s happening in her world while live music isn’t happening. Music: "Go Higher" by Shana Falana Darkest Light is available now from Arrowhawk Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Adir L.C. is an NYC-based songwriter with a refreshing, folk-inflected indie rock style that makes great use of dynamics and lush arrangements. With a huge sound that feels both grounded and ambitious thanks to Adir’s warm and comforting vocals, this is music that’s really easy to get lost in. Currently isolating at his home in Brooklyn, Adir invited us in to have some coffee, meet his dog, Moka, and get a taste of some new music in progress. Check out Adir L.C.’s previous appearance on BTR Live Studio here. Basket Star is available now from Birdwatcher Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
We're a little obsessed with King Pizza bands and we love to have them in for BTR Live Studio.
This music video will keep you sane by being totally insane during this quarantine season.
Amidst his critical COVID-19 diagnosis, we send good vibes and remember the epic musician.
SXSW may not have happened this year, but we can still revisit some of our favorite times at the fest from years past.
AMES, aka Amy Kuney’s songwriting is familiar to so many people - though they may not realize it, since the LA-based musician has spent years crafting hit compositions for the likes of Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson, Icona Pop, and more. AMES has an incredible voice of her own - which is showcased prominently on her EP - and she stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share it with us in this intimate solo session. My Names Is AMES is available now from Mateo Sound. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
I'm hoping that by increasing foot and calf mobility I can conquer longstanding discomfort and injuries.
Think you’re getting enough D from dairy and sunlight? Think again.
Lift those winter blues and let the sunshine in with this new EP from NYC solo artist, Ryan Laetari.
Getting hurt always presents setbacks but it doesn’t mean you have to give up.
This Valentine’s Day, remember that dumping a jerk that’s getting you down can be sweeter than any box of chocolates. 
A gathering not meant for the weak of heart with thrash rock, loud hogs and tattoos galore.
The weather-predicting groundhog had his annual moment in the sun on Sunday.
Myths and misconceptions surround physical conditioning and periods. Let's set the record straight.
THICK headlined Rough Trade in Brooklyn and a wild time was had by all.
Everyone seems to think the baby is either going to come out as a robot or an alien.
There's no silver bullet but rest is key to battling illness during training—and so is knowing when you’re too sick to run.
Why not play punk they way it’s supposed to be played—with zero f*cks.