Roots Week - The concept of home is an integral part of human identity. For starters, where we come from is one of the first identifiers used when meeting new people, and it instantly conjures up location-dependent assumptions. As such, homelessness has effects on a person's identity.
Today we got an all GOVERNORS BALL Playlist! Going down this weekend in NYC is this annual Music Festival. So to celebrate this occasion and also for the people who can’t make it out, The Party Hour has you covered! Music in the show with Hot Chip, Deadmau5, Drake, Mayer Hawthorne and Chromeo.
This week I explore letting go of home and travel FOMO with wellness coach Diana Michele.
For the record, neither DJ Hanabi nor Insane Dane are licensed physicians, unless you count “love doctor” which would have been a really funny thing to have just said in 1986. I should know, because I was there for it. Classic! Anyway, on the show we discuss glutamate. What is it, and are we over saying you shouldn’t eat it yet? Hanabi gets down at Toulouse Petit and Maneki. See what he has to say about them.
Update your bar to fit your needs.