The former secretary of state blames herself for the erosion of trust between her and the Russian people.
Jessica Borusky, is an artist, educator, and curator currently living and working in Kansas City, MO. Her performances, videos and installations create a satirical space for examining social relationships concerning the idea of progress as seen in American history, pop-culture, presidential campaigns, westerm dime novels, do-it-yourself business literature, and text and historical markers along the Frontier Trails.
Trump has won. Photo via Wikimedia by Gage Skidmore
We spend election day sharing memories from the nightmare that was this campaign, and listener mail. Donald Trump Photo credit: Gage Skidmore Via Wikimedia
Comey says no charges against Clinton, a look at Trump-style behavior down ballot, and listener mail. Trump rally Photo credit: John Knefel
A male birth control study goes off the rails early on, and listener mail.
This Tuesday is Election Day. Of course, a new president will be elected, but what do you really know about the smaller branches of government, and those running to fill them?
Carlos Danger is back, and stronger than ever.
Today on the show we’re doing an election themed set with other great tracks from Action Bronson and Tropical Popsicle, plus more…
Dr. Steve Billet discusses the effect of the Supreme Court’s vacant seat, and possible alternatives to relieve the gridlock, including adding or removing seats.
Electronic voting machines have been used for presidential elections since 2000, and many criticize them for being unreliable. But their bad reputation may be undeserved.
Dr. Steve Billet explains why Hillary Clinton hasn’t pulled away, lack of trustworthiness in candidates, and how each party would respond to the other’s nominee winning the presidency.
Dr. Steve Billet discusses the influence of special interest groups on American government and the tension brought on by election season.
We’re finishing our time with Brandon Sutton, staff writer for Progressive Army, where he writes about race, culture and politics.
What we do and don’t know about Clinton’s proposed intelligence surge, the DOJ may prosecute the man who killed Eric Garner, and listener mail.  
I sympathize with Condoleeza Rice?!
We talk about Paris Hilton, good and evil, the last Presidential debate, and review the haunting doc “The Act of Killing.”
We’re continuing our conversation with Brandon Sutton, anthropologist and PhD candidate and staff writer for Progressive Army.
What is “the listening face,” and is it really an authentic way to tell that somebody cares about what you’re saying?
What the debates have to say about Syria, Clinton’s proposal to help those in extreme poverty, and listener mail.  
Because why text your friends when you can text your therapist?
In a debate billed as the be-all end-all, both candidates put forth entirely predictable performances.
Looking at the first presidential debate through the lens of gender, race, and foreign policy.  
Frontline’s Michael Kirk joins us to discuss his new film The Choice 2016, and listener mail.  
If the point of feminism is to liberate women from socially constructed roles that prevent bodily and personal autonomy, then feminists have to accept that not all women are the fairer sex.
Trump’s half-baked family leave plan, and listener mail.  
Nobody can deny the major role Palin had in giving ultra-right insanity a microphone and a stage in politics. But the beast that she helped birth has outgrown her, and her role is quickly disappearing.
Neither candidate challenges the premise of the forever war, and listener mail.  
BTRtoday speaks with online security expert Hemu Nigam about the implications of WikiLeaks and the affect the site has had on cybersecurity.
Lynne Rosenberg on racism in casting calls, controversy surrounds the Clinton Foundation, and listener mail.  
Libertarian commentator and author Todd Seavey discusses his waning faith in democracy and analyzes the U.S. Constitution from a libertarian point of view.
We can’t stop going through all the listener mail.  
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By employing the same masculine rhetoric of success and grandiosity that has made him millions in the private sector, Trump assures his flock that he will shape America like he has shaped his fortune.
Peter Cole joins us to discuss the differences between Hillary Clinton and FDR, and Molly calls in to discuss education reform in Philly.   Photo credit: Courtesy of Peter Cole.
Molly joins us to discuss Day 3 of the DNC in Philly, and listener mail. Photo credit: Molly Knefel
Molly reports from Day 2 of the DNC in Philly, and listener mail. Photo credit: Molly Knefel
The spectacle of national elections has turned into never-ending reality television on steroids. Is it any surprise that a former reality star could actually win the White House?
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Big five years it’s been 15:56 Molly on DNC Day 1 48:00 Listener mail 59:24 Going Down / Credits – Dinosaur Jr 60:30 Finish
We spend the hour catching up on listener mail.
Is America ready for a female president? Hell no, but we’re gonna be.
New polls show Clinton and Trump in a dead heat, more thoughts on how little we spend on early child care, and listener mail.
The FBI declines to recommend charges in the Clinton email investigation, cops kill Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, and the long-awaited Chilcot report is released in the UK.
Bryce Covert joins us to discuss Hillary Clinton’s history on welfare reform, and Democrats stage a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives.
For women in our culture, hair often represents security, sexiness, and femininity. Its styling and treatment is also highly associated with professionalism. So what happens when you cut it all off?
Some thoughts on the Democratic primary, and listener mail.
The State Department’s Inspector General issues a scathing report on Clinton’s private emails, Conservatives worry about a left schism in education reform, and listener mail.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the states of the Democratic and Republican campaigns, support of Trump is linked to the fear of death, and listener mail.
The GOP begins to fall in line behind Trump, examining the parallels between Trump and abusers, and anxiety around basketball courts in wealthy areas of Brooklyn.
Clinton releases a plan to cap child care costs, marijuana arrests of people of color are up in Colorado, and listener mail.
Is the decision not to vote becoming a legitimate act of protest, Clinton tries to woo Republicans turned off by Trump, and listener mail.
The last 30 years of hippie punching is coming home to roost, the terrifying foreign policy implications of a Trump or Clinton presidency, and listener mail.
Trump all but locks up the nomination, Sanders wins in Indiana, and the terrifying implications of the war on terror under Trump or Clinton.
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss the investigation into the missing 43 students in Mexico, Trump’s path to the nomination becomes clearer, and listener mail.
Clinton and Trump win in New York, and listener mail.
Sanders and Clinton debate in Brooklyn, and listener mail.
Molly’s new piece in Dissent on Trump and bullying, fallout from the de Blasio and Clinton’s awful joke, Obama’s double standard on classified material, and listener mail.
The opt out movement continues to grow, Trump retweets an image mocking Heidi Cruz’s appearance, and Clinton’s simplistic plan to defeat ISIS.
Sanders wins big in Michigan as Trump hosts an infomercial, a look at how Trump’s bullying is not that different from regular bullying, and Preet Bharara and DOJ fail to indict cop who killed Ramarley Graham.
NYC parents are almost universally satisfied with universal pre-K, Hillary Clinton’s role in the US intervention in Libya, and listener mail.
Trump and Clinton win big on Super Tuesday, and listen mail.
Kade Crockford of the Massachusetts ACLU joins us to discuss the privacy battle between Apple and the FBI, a Black Lives Matter activist interrupts Hillary Clinton to challenge her on mass incarceration.
Trump’s supporters are terrifyingly and explicitly racist, gaming out a Trump versus Clinton general election, and listener mail.
Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the financial regulation ideas put forward by Clinton and Sanders, and listener mail.
The Iowa caucuses just happened, get ready for another round of drone scares, and listener mail.
Critiquing Sanders and Clinton on reparations, modern day red baiting, Sanders and Israel, and listener mail.