Here We Go Magic
The Thursday Mix. 11/20/2014.
DJRePete starts your BTR Wednesday high energy via The Trouble with Templeton. Also breakin’ thru, new rock alt by The Might Stef, blues with Jolie Holland, and psychedelic-ness with Moodoid. Plus, DJRePete hits up the range that is the Spider Bags Frozen Letter album, and tune in for info on a trio of festivals on both sides of the pond. That’s your Wednesday start on BTR!
Happy New Year! Chook Moong Numb Moi! Feliz año nuevo! DJ Wynn celebrates with memories from a neighbor's party that rung in the new year with salsa music. Hear music from Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, Africando, and La Sonora Dinamita.
Usher in the New Year with a fresh mix, chock full of music discovery with DJRePete! Hit up alternative from Asobi Seksu, Rubblebucket, and Here We Go Magic. Plus, a reflective set to mark the New Year with dreamy jazz from Zack Brock. And if 2013 wasn’t your year, a track by the Harlem Shakes will help you slam the door on it! Kick off 2014 right with a special edition of your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!