Midweek on BTR means DJRePete and an eclectic blend of old and new. Tune in for brand new alternative from Sean Bones, Free Energy, and Moonface. Plus, electronica from the new album by Miike Snow and School of Seven Bells. And bringing balance, hit up a throwback set comprised of BTR artists who brokethru in 2009 on the station, including The Rural Alberta Advantage, One Eskimo, and Mimicking Birds. All that to start your Wednesday on BTR!
New music from Lila Downs and Helado Negro, and a selection out of the vault from Franco
Sorry for party rock showing...
In this day and age, information is at our fingertips all the time. We're up to date on events unfolding, down to the second, and in the know, even when we may not want to be. And yet this information deluge stays, for the most part, on the surface - unless we choose to dig deeper. I'm happy to bring you an interview today with a fashion writer, stylist, model, and musician, whose editorial work does just that. Tienlyn Jacobson is a San Francisco-based writer, who works with online publications like Fashionising and, as well as her own beautiful blog Say Hello, Max. With a degree in art and sociology, and several years working as a model, Tienlyn is perfectly equipped to understand the deeper roots of fashion trends and style movements, and her writing reflects this broad awareness. On today's show, Tienlyn talks about how modeling was the perfect editorial education, why she loves Australian fashion, and a few of her own tips on chasing the ever-elusive concept of a well-curated closet. Plus, some news-worthy music on the show today, including tracks from Helado Negro, Firehorse, Zeus, Young Prisms, and Free Energy! So stick around - this is news & information you don't want to miss!