The Two Man Gentlemen Band plays retro music that harkens back to decades past -- but not pre-millennial so much as pre-war. Their old-timey tunes may be of a vintage style, but they definitely manage to incorporate themes that are as relevant today as ever. Ever the consummate showmen, the duo took a bit of time out of their seemingly never-ending touring schedule to play a song for us at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers create upbeat pop music with layers of harmonized vocals, grooved out melodies, and plenty of intricate and energetic rhythms. Their music is catchy, expertly-played, and lasting.
After a brief hiatus, Gold Streets was just back in the studio to record a couple of new songs. One of those is called, "Frequency," and features the band's signature sounds -- post-punk rhythms and shoegaze/new-wave guitars with dual male/female vocals. Here, they play that song at a DIY artspace in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Brooklyn’s Spanish Prisoners are about to release their sophomore album, ‘Gold Fools’ - a psychedelic pop record filled with a unique electronic ambiance. Here they play “Rich Blood” at Bushwick DIY space, the Schoolhouse.
y/y is a Brooklyn-based duo Jason Meeks and Conrad Burnham. Together they craft experimental rock music that weaves together sequenced and manipulated-on-the-fly beats and electronics with live guitars, percussion, and vocals (often pleasingly drenched in reverb). The results usually bob back and forth from ambient sounds to danceable beats and riffs. Here they perform in a Bushwick art and events space.
Mama Bear is a Brooklyn-based duo who plays pop music with a twang. Dale Pittner's bouncy riffs and Victoria Sounthavong's mellifluous voice combine to make for some very catchy tunes.
Originally hailing from New Jersey, Jonathan Pilkington Kahnt deals in a brand of songwriting that places sincerity at the forefront, relying on heartfelt lyrics and crooning capable of winning over even the most cynical of audiences.
Brooklyn's Alina Simone, originally from the Ukraine, plays folk music with a dark side. A powerful singer-songwriter, Simone here plays "Apocalyptic Lullaby" (from her new album, Make Your Own Danger) with her band on a balcony in Brooklyn.
Singer-songwriter Tracy Bonham plays unique rock music, sometimes accompanied by striking violin, sometimes by powerful bass, and always with smartly crafted lyrics from the talented musician.
Brooklyn’s Bel Air is a sometimes-folky, alt-country rock band featuring sweet, harmonic vocals, smooth guitars, and a knack for writing catchy tunes. Here, they play “Wash Away” at a vintage hat shop in Dumbo called Cha Cha’s House Of Ill Repute.
Brooklyn band Teletextile features sweetly-sung, melodic vocals, sincere lyrics, and a unique range of instruments, from harp and violin to banjo and accordion. Here, the band is featured playing in the choir loft of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society church in Brooklyn Heights.
Don't miss our Hear & There episode with Johanna and the Dusty Floor as the band performs in Brooklyn in Johanna's home. The Australian born piano player's sound is a mix of electronic pop and symphony orchestra, and is something you won't want to miss.
Our first Hear & There episode is back for an encore. It's hard not to have fun when Japanther's around. A loud, merry, and unforgettable band, they make you want to get out on the dance floor. If you missed it, or if you just miss them, listen to their performance from Party Xpo in Brooklyn.
Listen as The Gypsy West unleash their "psychedelic" rock onto customers at the Main Drag. Performing at the guitar store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the band lives up to their progressive nature.
Bronx native Rene Lopez and his band perform his Latin soul track "Honey Got Some Love" live at Mirror Image Salon in Harlem, New York.
On this week's episode of Hear & There, Electra performs "Our Last Drink" in Girlie Action's fire escape, located in downtown Manhattan. Every week BTR brings you bands performing live in unusual locations, only on Hear & There. [youtube][/youtube]
Shin, of legendary British Asian Bhangra act, DCS, performs "O Jaan Meriya." Watch this intimate performance, filmed before a live show that featured Shin and DJ Rekha, at the 92Y in Tribeca. [youtube][/youtube]
Nine-piece, New Orleans-inspired Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds perform their sultry song "Hollow Bones" at Molloy's Irish Pub in New York's Hell's Kitchen. How many band members can you fit on a single bar? Watch to find out. [youtube][/youtube]
What better setting for Christopher Paul Stelling's timeless take on folk and gospel storytelling than a little-known horse stable tucked away in the heart of Brooklyn? We couldn't think of one. Stelling performs his moving song "Flawless Executioner" at Kensington Stables. [youtube][/youtube]
Brian Bonz performs "Terror in the Bonneville" at Zen Bikes in New York City. [youtube][/youtube]
Lek and the Swan perform "Old Demon Space Ride" in a Brooklyn brownstone. [youtube][/youtube]
Morgan O'kane performs "Gone" on the Staten Island Ferry in New York Harbor. [youtube][/youtube]