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Chia seeds: the next big superfood.
On October 29th, 2013, the US Olympic Committee began their 100 day countdown to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. 56 Olympians, Paralympians, and 2014 hopefuls gathered in New York's Times Square to kick of the nationwide Road to Sochi Tour. The event included athletic demonstrations, autograph sessions, and interactive sports for fans to try. BreakThruTV’s Lauren Hawker spoke with athletes at the event as well as LGBT rights activists who were there to call for a boycott of the games in show of their disapproval of Russian President Vladimir Putin's anti-gay laws.
What A SPOOKY Month! Government Shutdown! Pagans Tricking & Treating! Miley Cyrus! These Are The Cultural Events Tackled By Man-About-Town, Chaz Mannenheim, In the Newest Installment Of MONTH IN REVIEW!!! If You’re Ready To Think, Laugh, & Be Scared Then You’re Ready For This! CHAZ MANNENHEIM, NEWSMAN OF YESTERYEAR - MONTH IN REVIEW: OCTOBER 2013!!!!
Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act began on October 1st. It is expected that 7 million people will register online for coverage under the ACA, commonly known as “Obamacare,” before it takes effect on January 1st, 2014. For the 48 million citizens who do not currently have health insurance, it is mandatory to apply by March 31st, 2014, or they will face a tax penalty. Despite the fact that the White House claims Obamacare will decrease the deficit by $210 billion within a decade, there is a great amount of controversy over how effective the health insurance reform will be. Opposition to the law is even partially responsible for the shutdown of the federal government. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker spoke with people about Obamacare and how they think the health reform might effect them.
It’s The End Of September And Chaz Mannenheim, Your Host Of Hosts, Is Finding The News Wherever He Can!! On The Street, Chaz Is Digging Up Tales Of Man/Robot Relationships; The Newest, Most Exciting News In Condoms; and of course, All The Hullabaloo About Syria!! See Chaz Mannenheim Talking To The Man On The Street! Getting The Opinions And Personalities Other News Is Just Not Having!!! It’s Here, It’s Him, It’s Time!!! CHAZ MANNENHEIM: NEWSMAN OF YESTERYEAR - MONTH IN REVIEW: SEPTEMBER 2013!!!!
Haaaaaay! Guess what??!! Sew & Tell has its first nail artist on the show today, and she's suuuuper awesome. Ashley Crowe is a Chicago-based freelance nail artist who started a blog called Astrowifey to document her passion for nail art, as she herself learned and experimented in the early days of nail art popularity. Little did she know that her blogging and hobby would soon transition to an incredibly successful career and cult following, but lucky for us, it did! Winner of this year's Refinery29 Nail Art Nation contest, Ashley's bold, expressive work is inspired by pop and contemporary art, rock music, and fashion. On today's show, you'll hear from Ashley about how her passion for nail art became a career, her role in the development of Tipsy Zine, the first U.S.-based lifestyle nail art publication, a few of her nail art role models, and insider tips on some must-have polishes, upcoming trends, and DIY upkeep for healthy nails. All that, plus a playlist mixed with post-punk and atmospherically autumnal music, including tracks from Franz Ferdinand, Man Man, Aisha Burns, Hookworms, and more. So tune in and prepare to nail fall fashion with BTR and Astrowifey!
Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Aidan Knight and his band play -- in their words, quoting the words of others -- "baroque" and "downtrodden" music. Don't let this mislead you -- though much of it is slow, or mellow, or quiet, there's a subdued sort of optimism going on just below the surface throughout many of these experimental folks songs. Sure, there's the sort of melancholy that comes from recording in a cabin in the woods, Bon Iver-style, but there's more to Aidan Knight than that. Here, he and the band play some songs and Aidan talks a bit about the songwriting and recording process.
On Thursday, August 29th, workers at fast food chains such as McDonald's and KFC conducted strikes and walkouts across the country, hoping for wage hikes that would boost their hourly pay to $15 from the current federal minimum of $7.25. In New York, local officials and politicians joined workers in Union Square to express their support for raising the minimum wage and the chance to unionize. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker spoke with organizers and participants at the demonstration.
Kleenex Girl Wonder is the chameleon-esque stage name of one Graham Smith, a songwriter from the suburbs of Chicago who's been calling New York City his home for some time now. Beginning with a group of neighborhood friends and evolving into a shifting cast of players, KGW is a sort of indie rock institution, constantly experimenting while staying true to its time-tested formula. The current band features Smith on bass and vocals, Thayer McClanahan on guitar, and Matt LeMay on drums.
Diets may not actually be as helpful in losing weight as we think they are.
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CitiBike has officially launched in New York City. Meanwhile, New York is one of twenty-nine states in the U.S. with either no or limited laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets and some discussion has arisen about whether the city should implement its own mandatory helmet law for cyclists. Requiring helmets, however, may hamper efforts to promote cycling, some research shows. It it believed that the mandatory helmet law in Melbourne may be to blame for that city's failed bike share program. Elsewhere, Tel Aviv and Mexico City, hoping to spur greater ridership with bike sharing, recently repealed their own helmet laws. With bike travel now possible for thousands more tourists and residents, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asks people in New York -- including new CitiBike users -- their views on bike safety and helmet use, which is encouraged in NYC, but not mandatory.
What Happened In May 2013?? Someday, People Will Want To Know!!! Chaz Mannenheim Is Bringing It To You Today!!! That’s Right, Yesterday’s News, Not Tomorrow, Not Years From Now -- TODAY!!! With the aid of the man on the street, Chaz will enlighten you about what’s going on with Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy, The Obama Administration Scandals, and The Sudden Embrace Of Homosexual Love By The Boy Scouts Of America! Witness, with your own eyes, the pure wonder of news being delivered to you, in review, with the enigmatic Newsman Of Yesteryear, Chaz Mannenheim!
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Actress Angelina Jolie made headlines recently when she revealed in a New York Times op-ed piece that she recently had a preventative double mastectomy after learning she has a faulty gene, known as BRCA1, which gives her an elevated risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. Jolie says she is telling the world her story because she wants to be an example for other women. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker spoke to people in New York about Jolie's decision, including oncologist Dr. Lynn Ratner and breast cancer survivor Lynn Buckner who, herself, underwent a double mastectomy.
While Prince Rama is a band in the sense that it contains people making music, recording albums, and going on tour, there's a whole world of other activity going on with this Brooklyn-based group. Taraka and Nimai Larson have been experimenting with their music in different forms over the years in vastly different environs: living in ashrams, working for utopian architects, writing manifestos, and delivering lectures from pools of fake blood. They've used a clever blend of mysticism, technology, aerobics, and props, to build a constantly evolving world filled with inspiration and music.
Butter The Children is an NYC-based quartet, newly signed to Downtown Records that features members of Le Rug, Sweet Bulbs, and Night Manager (who were previously featured on Serious Business on BTR). The band blasts out satisfying post-punk/indie rock tunes that would make the perfect soundtrack to just about any flick revolving around road trips, wild parties, or young lovers. Keeping the tempos up and the guitars going wild, no moment is wasted with this band. Also, as they tell Travis here, they may be working on a concept record -- so there’s that.
Today, I talk about and play new songs from The RBC, Junip, No Joy and Slava. Plus, a brief conversation with Drew from The RBC that I recorded at Sullivan Hall in NYC on Saturday night.
Today, I talk about and play new songs from Lord RAJA, Thee Oh Sees, CaveWomen, Yolke, Lilacs & Champagne and High Highs. Also, a conversation with Zula about their favorite types of cookies.
Chrome Sparks. Cristoph El Truento. Jake Tobin. Zula. Ava Luna. Jamaican Queens. TNGHT. The Underachievers. Burial. Africa Hitech. The Besnard Lakes. Barn Owl. Boyfriend. And more...
Jamaican Queens. Zula. Real Estate. Daphni. My Bloody Valentine. Blanck Mass. Evian Christ. John Maus. The Cyclist. La Big Vic. Night Panther. And more...
Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, has recently stirred discussion by suggesting in her new book, Lean In, that women should be more assertive when it comes to their careers. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker spoke with four women in New York about success, leadership, and the role of women in the workplace.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg was dealt a major setback on Monday, March 11th, when a New York Supreme Court judge struck down his controversial plan to limit large sugary drinks in the city's restaurants and other venues. The ruling came the day before the ban was to take effect. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people in New York their thoughts on Mayor Bloomberg's many aggressive public health campaigns and whether they think they are living in a "Nanny State."
Roomrunner is a Baltimore-based band known for heavy riffs, soaring hooks, and a hard-touring DIY attitude. The band members' backgrounds in math, punk, and noise-rock come together to form a solid base of primal, loud rock that's been bringing strong critical praise. In preparation for the release of their upcoming first LP, the band is on the road to SXSW to play their hearts out and grow their legion of noise-loving fans.
We don't want to cry wolf, but you probably should never eat anything from a plastic container. Here's why...
NYC indie rock band MiniBoone is the real-life mashup of the catchiest, spazziest, most heart-wrenchingly honest, tuneful bits of every one of your favorite bands, all happening at once. Live, they're an explosive ball of energy, all yelps and leaps and full on SICK RIFFS. Lovers of MiniBoone are crazy for the band, and rightfully so. Featured Song: “Baby, I Hope So” On MiniBoone Mountain is available from Drug Front Records. Complete radio broadcast and playlist: Watch MiniBoone performing “I Could, I Could,” previously on BTRtv: Official website for MinBoone: Facebook: Twitter: @miniboone Upcoming tour dates: 3/2 @ Paper Box in Brooklyn, NY 3/7 @ The Golden West in Baltimore, MD 3/8 @ Warehouse in Norfolk, VA 3/10 @ The Black Lodge in Winston-Salem, NC 3/12 @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA About Serious Business on BTR: Travis Harrison records bands for a living, so he knows how to get the best out of musicians. As the president of Serious Business, a recording studio and record label, Travis also knows the industry. Every week he invites musicians into his studio for funny, irreverent and seriously interesting interviews where anything goes. New episodes every Monday from BreakThru Radio. Watch more episodes of Serious Business on BTR on our Blip page:
Pope Benedict XVI stunned the Roman Catholic Church and the rest of the world on February 11th when he announced he would be standing down at the end of the month. The German-born Benedict will be the first pope to resign in 600 years and cites his advanced age and deteriorating health as reasons for stepping down as leader of over one billion Catholics. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people their thoughts on the Pope and the Catholic Church.
To kick off Word Week, Latola debates with Jake and Patrick K about Pluto Rocks (a crowdsourcing contest to name two of Pluto's moons)
How scents can trigger strong memories and how our knowledge between smell and memory is growing.
New York is currently experiencing its worst flu season in three years. According to the state's Health Department, nearly 20,000 people are experiencing flu-like symptoms, which has led Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a statewide public health emergency. This week on BTR Pulse we ask people in New York if about flu shots and whether they’re worried about the severity of this epidemic.
BTR fact checks a YouTube video that claims video games can improve your health in ten ways.
It's Health Week on BTR! Comfort Dogs prove to be Newton, CT's new best friends and is it better to prepare for or prevent death?
Five healthcare specialists you may need to see no matter how young you feel.