BreakThruTV is proud to present its third edition spotlighting organizations and people who help others… Shawnee Renee Benton-Gibson's mantra is "expose yourself to expand yourself, " and she has spent years sharing this message with others. In addition to starting the Spirit Of A Woman Leadership Development Institute, Gibson is involved in various outreach and empowerment efforts in her community. Much of her work focuses on examining and learning from one's past in order to gain insight, promote healing, and create a positive future. Music featured in this episode: "Blind In Both Eyes" by Bird Courage // "I won't Give Up" by Low Roar
Music therapy is a growing technique that many psychologists and psychiatrists are using to help people in need. BTRtoday speaks with music therapists and researches the practice.
Once Monday rolls around, we often feel the weekend's debauchery in our body. Our bones ache and our stomach reels from the inordinate amount of alcohol we've consumed. Try this remedy!
Essential oils have been praised for thousands of years for their various healing properties. BTRtoday takes a closer look at their many versatile uses.
How dreams and art therapy join in a sacred junction of aesthetics and psychological healing.
Refugee and Immigrant Fund creates positive spaces for asylum seekers to work through their relocation process. Their work displays a critical empathy that facilitates the healing process for individuals facing dire circumstances.
More of BTR's talk with the executive director of Clowns Without Borders--an organization dedicated to offering humor as a means of psychological support to communities who have suffered from trauma.
We speak with Sarah Josey, a clinical herbalist and nutritionist, on how her work parallels that of the functional medicine movement.
Part two of BTR's talk with the cofounder of the first church in the country to offer ancient and controversial psychedelic experiences to the public.