Looking at the connection between atheism and statism, Bill Maher, and how we treat each other.
The sixth season of True Blood just ended and I can safely say I have grown to hate the show, but for some reason I still watch it.
Goodbye to the fantasies of Twilight, Trublood and Angel. Vampires do really walk among us.
Josh Fox’s sequel examines air and water contamination, this time demanding action from politicians.
RAR takes a step down memory lane by visiting the Bryant Park Film series. There we watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also on todays show, DJ Mark Falanga stops by to talk some trend setting action flicks, with all the spoilers.
When you hear the phrase "plastic dress," chances are, at least for fans of the uber-popular fashion phenom TV show "Girls" on HBO, you think of character Marnie's wave-making dress from Season 2. This week's guest needs no further introduction - I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Jenn Rogien, costume designer and style mastermind behind the youthful Brooklyn styles. (Incidentally, Jenn made the infamous plastic dress herself!) Join us on Sew & Tell to hear Jenn talk about her path from chemical engineering to fashion, the work of a costume designer, the boys of "Girls," a new Netflix series she just designed, her weakness for British costume dramas, and more. Plus, a playlist full of "Girls" soundtrack-inspired songs, including Oh Land, Generationals, fun., and Lia Ices. So break out your sleeping bag coat and best fascinator, and join us for an hour of "Girl"-y fashion here on BTR!
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