Part 2 of speaker Sean Arthurs, a Doctoral Candidate in the Education Leadership Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Listen to part 2 of Harvard Law Professor on the faults in America's justice system and recounting stories of false incarcerations.
Seán Arthurs, a Doctoral Candidate at Harvard Law School, discusses the problematic holes in America's justice system.
The 25th First Annual Ig Nobel Prizes honors scientific achievements that “make people laugh, and then think.” While the awarded experiments may not be the most significant discoveries of the year, they serve as a reminder that science can be playful, mysterious, and surprising.
Check out part 2 of our interview with Willy C. Shih, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School's technology and operations management unit.
Check out our interview with Willy C. Shih, prof. of management practice at Harvard Business School, on the changing landscape of manufacturing and the effects of wage rates.
Dr. Lyubomirsky speaks with us about her research on developing a science of human happiness.
Diet Cig, which may or may not require a government warning, is actually New Paltz, New York-based duo Alex and Noah. They're a young band cranking out satisfyingly concise and pointed slop-pop tunes with a thousand volts of fun. The two are caught in a whirlwind of touring, but found some time to stop by the brand new Serious Business Music in DUMBO to talk about their experience and to help break in the new live room.
This week on the Daily Beat will be looking at 3D printing and all the technological advances from biomedical engineering to printing in your home.