Rena Karefa-Johnson and Matt Ruby on Mueller’s recent progress and retiring Republicans. Jacqueline Soller ton The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. John Knefel on the solvable opioid crisis. Sneak preview of Versing’s BTR Live Studio session.
Michael Siegel joins the show to discuss his newly published study exploring the link between weak concealed carry laws and higher homicide rates.
Before it became a lumbering monster fighting for the rights of mass shooters, the NRA had different, saner goals.
The NRA's new ad is scary and strange: what's behind it?
There have been about 153 mass shootings this year alone. America's love of guns is destroying us.
David Studdert joins the show to discuss his recent study of handgun sale increases following major mass shootings, the difficulty of firearm research, and the politicization of gun ownership in the United States.