Future Week
Future Week – Speculation that travelers will design hotel rooms or board rockets.
Future Week - How Biodesign, mental health, and physical activity influence architectural advances.
Future Week - The ancient Chinese eating utensil finds new digital powers of detection.
It's Future Week on BTR! On today's show, BTR staff writer and co-host of the Scotch & Cinema podcast, Jess Goulart, joins us to discuss how video game movies may someday become the new comic book movies, as far as Hollywood blockbusters go. And later, freelance journalist and spoken word artist Jennifer Leigh Oprihory joins us to discuss a slew of foreign policy issues, her recent story for the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative on the US military’s role in international disaster relief, and read us some poems!
Future Week - Emerging AI technology prompts the question: Can robots have a soul?
Future Week - Even the coolest gadgets and latest innovations have their downfalls.